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Hello Everyone, welcome to my blog!
Today I am going to be sharing with us a little bit of why I love the EOS project so much, but firstly let's get to know in simple terms what EOS is, follow me closely.

What is EOS

EOS reffers to a decentralized autonomous corporation that is designed to allow people to build decentralised application, host these applications and as well as govern them. It is the first open source software which allows developers to build a blockchain, it is also a programmable blockchain that allows programmers to deploy applications without having to have any servers.

Reasons why I love EOS

Listed Below are some of the reasons why I love the EOS blockchain project ;

  • Enables Massive Adoption Of the blockchain technology.
    The EOS blockchain is the first blockchain technology that can support real world use cases serving millions of user in the the process, up to this point we have been dealing with technology that have been very exciting, creating new crytocurrencies but these technologies haven't just had the throughput to enable massive decentralization that we want to see, so what EOS is really doing is enabling mainstream adoption of the blockchain technology and in my opinion this is one of the very important aspect of this project.

  • Scalability and Low Transaction Fee
    The EOS blockchain is unique in the blockchain industry because it is the first platform that is designed from the ground up for Scalability, this means it can support millions of transactions per seconds with sub-seconds latencies. In addition to being parallel, the price of a transaction has been dropped from something of $10 or $15 per transaction as we see with some other blockchains to as little of a cent.

So there you have it, the reasons I love the EOS blockchain project so much, EOS is closing a huge gap between what we know is capable of the crytocurrency/blockchain technology and what existing platforms are capable of now.


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That's great but it's still a bad idea to be emotionally attached to any project.


I am not emotionally attached to it
I just love the idea behind he whole project


Ok, noted 👍🏾