Episode 4 (Finding the Details); Opening a .md file from the terminal

3년 전
in eos

EOS - Episode 4.png
I'm continuing to get bogged down with learning all the intricacies of the command line. I've been receiving a lot of help from multiple steemit contracts (@Monetashi, @Philmesnier, @Powderskier, etc). This is much appreciated. The good thing is that I'm learning a new tool each day. Thanks to @Philmesnier, I'm now able to open MD files within the browser. This is extremely helpful in getting details on the software.

Here is how it is done for a Mac

Download Macdown software:

Run the .md file. Bam - the file opens.

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Get busy in doing what you do. Lol
I'm happy that you are getting the hang of it. Good job so far and it's not that easy for anyone, but I believe that you are going to get the job done very soon. Cheers




Thank you for the follow. I'm honored. Have a good day

Cool beans. Learning new things is always great. Just today I learned about A-SPICE, or automotive SPICE. Yes it is kind of boring, but I can use it at work and apply it to my projects.

Feed your brain! That is something I try to do a little each day.

Cheers, keep learning!


Yes, can be kind of boring but having the knowledge to work with new technologies will hopefully pay off.


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Thats great thanks for sharing

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i was never good enough for these commands and programming ! i dont remember that stuff.
I appreciate your passion and learning attitude!

I'm getting an 'EACCES' error when I try to update npm in the comand line. Very new to the command line and trying to keep learning.Trying to figure this stuff out can be frustrating but we just gotta push through

Hai @jcali, once you get the hang of it you will prefer the commandline as it is a more natural way to move quickly through complicated processes. Learning curve is steep, but once you get the aha-feeling and start combining commands with the brilliant "|"(pipe) construct a world of possibilities and automation opens up! Keep on tinkering with it ... you will not regret it.

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