Cryptocurrency Double Digit+ Gains #239

2개월 전

Saturday October 12th 2019

Bitcoin is trading at 8322 and just had a Golden Cross on the 3 day chart—which is typically a strong positive indicator. BTC is still consolidating on the longer time frames suggesting it is still best to continue to long term HODL BTC as the price still remains bullishly above the 200 day (MA) moving average on the 3 Day & weekly charts.


In the top 100 market cap on we have Double digit gains by: SC (17%) and MOF (12%).


The biggest movers today are the smaller cap top 200 and EOS altcoins.

In the top 200 market cap with Double digit % gains on we have: NPXS (50%), TLOS (22%), XET (20%), NEX (18%), SC (16%), VERI (16%), ANT (15%), MOF (12%), YOU (10%) and ENG (10%).


EOS projects on have triple digit gains by EOX (110%) & double digit gains by: ANC (77%), VOID (39%), BEAN (32%), BABY (25%), TXT (25%) and TOB (11%).


Congratulations to everyone holding these coins!


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