EOS Detroit Block Producer Interview With CEO Rob Konsdorf

2년 전

Chris Coney interviews Rob Konsdorf CEO of block producer candidate EOS Detroit.
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This interview has me thinking that you are in a special position Chris as you can potentially, through your public profile, influence and hold BPs to task for any questionable behaviour.

I will be cheering you on in support!


That's a lovely comment. I would be honored to hold everyone in the EOS community (including myself) to the highest standards in crypto.

Thanks for another great interview Chris. If I could make a suggestion about the new channel as someone who is a devoted viewer of the cryptoverse, put a link to EOS TIPS channel in your cryptoverse videos. Not that it was extremly hard to find your new channel, it would just be more streamilined if we could click on a link to the new channel. Just me two satoshis. Keep up the good work.


Not a bad idea. I could put a link to the new channel in the description for all videos.

Thank you for you sharing this project and very good interview and good information @marketingmonk

As stated earlier, wallet addresses shouldn't be reused. Resources are not a concern in this particular case, so "generate all you want".

This is great @marketingmonk Chris Coney interviews Rob Konsdorf CEO of block producer candidate EOS Detroit.

boosta means what ?

hi cryptoverse how can we buy eos ram please create a video on that topic. Regards