EOS Whale Incoming! Block.One Prepare To Vote With 100m Tokens

2년 전

A breaking news analysis of Block.one declaring their intention to vote. Learn how blockchain technology works or how to make and save money with cryptos at https://www.cryptoversity.com/courses/

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Block.one’s Participation as Voting EOS Community Member:

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The timing of this is clever as Block one also released their version of the constitution. Shame this information was not released before your interview​ with Mr Cox.

Also, EOSStore is​ in trouble for sure.


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The issue isn’t block one voting (they own the tokens). The issue is exchanges voting for themselves using tokens they don’t own (ie in individuals accounts).
This, combined with the fact most exchanges don’t seem to support most airdrops, should encourage people to take control of their tokens!
If you don’t control your private key, you don’t actually own any crypto.


Good points.

Not sure why anyone invested in EOS would be surprised by Block.one voting with their tokens. They have tokens, they get a vote. There vote is necessarily large but, what's that got to do with anything? Either you trust EOS, and block.one, or you dont. If you don't probably should unload the EOS tokens, because Block.one is a big deal for EOS.


My issue was with the wording of their statement.


I understand. Your video was exploring what this all means, and you are just starting a conversation, of which there are two sides. My comment was geared at responding to what I expect from people, namely fear, uncertainty and doubt.

Keep up the good word. I appreciate your content.

People should not complain about Block One voting as the lower remains with the token holders which will need to exercise their vote to influence their thoughts. That is the purpose of having the vote so that one’s perspective be heard. They need to vote for their interest as well...

My biggest issue with this is the push for supporting approval of 50 producers per account. With that, they can realistically appoint all BPs and backups with a single vote. IMO it should be reduced, not increased.

It looks like Block One can change constitution like Facebook and Google can change their terms and conditions.

@marketingmonk i think this is the best time to invest EOS,

Wow. the great information about incoming EOS. Thanks.

Great post! very informative :)

com/dlPc9P Reddit: https://www

In my blog, perhaps, a new entry will appear due to this piece of your blog.

This move makes me wonder if this was one of the bigger reasons why block.one avoided being labeled as the 'owner' or 'maintainer' of EOS. With this design block.one are able to act as a normal user with more influence to steer network governance.

It's difficult to pinpoint which way their votes could tip the scale between benefiting EOS holders, or benefiting BPs.

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