In Defence And Praise Of The Crypto Snowflake

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I am a crypto snowflake. And proud of it. I am a snowflake in the sense of the term as employed by zero hedge readers. A designtion shared and elaborated upon by the sceptics society and the new atheists both. Corporatists and far right types wave their hands dismissively; irrelevant, superflous, weak, naive. Someone muzzle that guy. Put a sock in it. I don't mind. I believe in love and peace. And the Earth. I believe in the Earth.

I am a crypto snowflake because I have had visions, during my meditations and astral traveling, of fractal mathematical lattices cradling a new dispenation. I listen to Terence Mckenna talks and know that he prophesies the advent of the blockchain. So a crypto snowflake then as you can see. As plain as day.

Who invented the term snowflake? Some NSA guys having a laugh no doubt. Having a lend as they say. From the same psyops group that made any idea of a conspiracy at once both ridiculous and blase. I always knew they killed Kennedy. Of course they did. And? From team Ideological Subversion.

Anyway I love actual snowflakes and wear their apparent insult with pride. The snowflake is a wonderful thing. Water crystals. And we all know about the miraculous life giving properties of water.

But when push comes to shove I will bark a bit. Just a little bit! After all it's only human isn't it?

Crypto Capitalists

So the seed of this post was born of reading in the Eos gov channel. Yes again. The gov channel. I hang out there sometimes. As anyone who might have read my last few attempted articles will know. The gov channel was going off with objections to Article XV of the Eos constitution. I'll copy that here:

Article XV - Termination of Agreement

A Member is automatically released from all revocable obligations under this Constitution 3 years after the last transaction signed by that Member is incorporated into the blockchain. After 3 years of inactivity an account may be put up for auction and the proceeds distributed to all Members according to the system contract provisions then in effect for such redistribution.

Any takers for guessing what the objection might have been? Maybe you share it. Eos citizens are of course scared that they will lose their stuff. Like if they go into a coma for three years or something. And they want their kids to get their stuff besides. Their focus is on property in perpetuity. Which is perfectly understandable in this world. In this corpratocracy of enclosure, copyright and patent law. Everyone wants to erect fences and for them this article is beyond the pale.

When we think about the blockchain it is all too easy to project the current state of affairs onto it as though it were merely an incremental technology even though we know it isn't. People who are experts in the current paradigm, economists, lawyers and business people would like to do just that. It's Kuhn versus Popper transposed onto the social domain. The social fabric. If you have worked so hard to get where you are, to gain your privileged status as a quasi religious interpreter of what society must be, you might want to hang on to that paradigm for a bit. You might not want to let go. And you might lack the imagination. You might not see the fabric start to tear. In truth you are the ones who are tearing at the social fabric.

Most crypto youtube channels, faux investement not financial advice types tow the mediocre establishment line too even while under the misconception that they rebel. All we are supposed to get from this technology is that anyone can invest in anything and when Musk is ready they will actually be able to afford to go to the moon - as fun as that might be. If they did go there for realz I'm sure a transformative spiritual experience would be waiting for them! They don't rebel. It's only a redistribution of property but the same game will ensue.

Others raise the debate much higher and are intersting, fascinating. Bitcoin uncensored comes to mind. I really enjoy listening but he nonetheless falls short for me. He is not a snowflake. He might yet become one. I hope he does.

Andreas Antonopolous. Now there is a crystalline crypto snowflake! His imagination is truly open.

Crypto Communists

All the cypto idealist snowflake can really do is speculate. The situation is still hazy. At least for me it is. And that gov channel debate got me speculating.

Before the modern world, when we were nomads in the womb of the Mother and our societies were ordered by the feminine, we worshipped the Earth and it was the community that was everything. All was community. Who could have thought of property, of possessing the Mother? Possessing Mother Earth? Unthinkable.

And then came Mammon. I'm not going to recap all that. Farms, grain silos, money, machines. Will that do? And our stories changed. Our myths morphed until they were emptied of the numinous. The Big Bang. It became self interest. Interest in the self.

But property no longer guarantees security. I'm sorry to say it. I'm sorry to be the bearer of the bad news but I'm sure you already knew. Property doesn't work for that anymore. There is no security in property unless your property is a bunker, deep and alone. The corpratocracy is eating itself and the commons is dying. We don't even blink an eye at incongruencies such as shares in arms manufacturers, as we trade in the assets of destruction. Property is now a weapon. Mammon is insatiable. We are possessed and the Earth weeps.

Yet as we know, as all true observers of Nature know, everything is a cycle. Everything has its return.

Have you noticed that young people don't seem to care about property anymore? Sure they care about bling. About appearances. But about property? Not so much. Some might say it's because they can't afford it. But I beg to differ. It's not because they can't afford it. They don't give a rats. For them the new currency, the new security, is community. Like it was for the nomads. Indeed social observers have noted this trend and what I say is nothing new. The new nomads. They share. They share of themselves on Facebook. In this crazy world of Mammon they have turned around and are finding their way back to an earlier time.

I called myself jokingly an anarcho communist to someone in Eos gov the other day. He sent me a link to this. I laughed, it's true! But cynicism is so easy. Don't be subverted. There are many answers to such mockery but none of them are funny. None of them are funny at all.

Nomad Monad

So now I think I am ready to layout my naked snowflakedness. Gee. This could be embarassing but what the heck. Some people are laying much more on the line! Those that are in the trenches, suffering on the front lines of our accelerating unraveling.

My thought was this.

Before we were nomads roaming across the plains of Africa. Now we can be nomads migrating across the territories of the mind. Each as free standing human beings wandering with the tribes of his or her shared values across the savannah of the blockchain. Our communities will support us. Not property. Open source co-operatives will take care of their people. We just need to share and join in.

So one more time not holding back. Once more with feeling.

The block chain is a real and literal psychic manifestation of Mother Earth. The new Commons. The return of the nomad's Monad. A return to an older time. Welcome back our Mother. We've truly missed you. We are sorry to have been deaf to you for so long.

I think our social transformation will blossom as more snowflakes arrive. Some ancaps will become snowfakes and snowflakes agorists. Read Derek Broze @dbroze for inspiration. If you started out ancap visit Jeff Berwick @dollarvigilante. And more snowflakes are falling through the Eos gov channel every day!

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  ·  작년

Delighted to meet a genuine, self-proclaimed, Crystalline Snowflake. And residing in the Tropical Belt - Tropic of Capricorn.

Right and Left still have some meaning but not much. To consider Sound Money, pro Free Market libertarians as "Conservative" or "on the Right," or the "Extreme Paleo-Right" is to cling to bias and seriously miss the mark.

Yes, this whole paradigm will be overturned and replaced by a new Thought Form and everything that was so smug will be rendered irrelevant, at least until it comes back in style in the next cycle. That's the kind of unstable world we live in.

I think we can agree that it does require Human Action (governance and self-governance) to guide us through these changes. Embodied life is a type of bondage and sane people look for ways and means to pay back the debt, and attenuate the grip of Darkness over the Light.

  ·  작년

That's for sure! We are all courageous just for being here regardless of where we it is that we are coming from. Great comment!

  ·  작년

Deconstructing the World is a worthwhile pastime and I propose, mostly the province of Sages and Comedians. The Laughing Buddha was clearly laughing about something.

So you observe that property rights are of little importance to the younger generations, and that they are more interested in "community." Well yes, as long as they have a general sense of well being, they may not miss what they don't have. But as insight tells us, any leaning, whether leaning on "community" or leaning on wealth can be very harmful to the individual.

Murry Rothbard has mentioned in his writings that "all rights are really Property Rights." And that Self ownership is the basis of all other ownerships. And that there are really only three choices as regards ownership: 1) that it is owned by nobody, 2) that it is owned by everybody and 3) that someone, namely the individual owns itself, at least for the time being. Finally that if any of these are manageable, it must certainly be the third choice.

This is a discovery process only.

  ·  작년

Ownership and property rights are one of the dominant metaphors of our age and property as a metaphor definitely deconstructs the world.

Self ownership being the basis of all other ownerships. This makes me think knowing thyself is the basis of all other knowings.

I guess the discovery process I was exploring was what does property mean in the age of open source cooperatives, blockchains and zero marginal cost. Maybe it was a reaction to people worrying about hoarding their wealth rather than imagining something different. And even that what property rights grants us in a competitive marketplace communities might grant us in a cooperative commons.

But it could well all just have been a naive snowflake wish!

  ·  작년

Well no doubt we are in FLUX, but so are we always. (Our civilization is now in flux.) Re: Self-Ownership, I agree that deep inquiry into "Who am I" UN-DOES everything. The World is false, a 'momentary' illusion.

The underlying Truth is never absent though, it's omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, Existence, Knowledge, Bliss, Name and Form. The last two form the tangled Web of Ignorance in which we live.

But I think I do see where you are coming from and I see the same thing: The Rules can be drastically different now. The deck is being reshuffled. Almost anything can happen. Things like "Guaranteed Incomes" may be proposed by for-profit enterprises. Governments too can be open-sourced.

Certainly we must experiment to find out where the limits are. Certainly Man proposes and God, Nature, The Absolute disposes of our dreams and wishes.

Fantastic Food for Thought, thanks.

  ·  작년

I really enjoyed that exchange. Looking forward to your next post on such things!

And btw I'm not a relativist, at least not lately. I especially like how you say the underlying Truth is never absent. An evolving Truth that we all share - and create - together. Absolute(ly)

Thanks back @lyfo

Nearly overlooked your post... and what a drive, connecting blockchain to the history of humanity itself. Unfortunately i missed the EOS go decision (fell asleep) rewatching it was so exciting watching people from all over the world come together and discuss the launch of something entirely new. A perfect demonstration how blockchain has the power to make our world even flatter. I haven't heard about the term snowflake, but i guess i can follow the idea, and the discussion on article 15 was quite revealing. I was always a bit buzzled about Dan stressing, property and liberty, which sounded to me pretty much like Austrian economics, being opposed to any regulation, governance etc, but looking at the constitution, with the arbitration which is of course a mean to revert appropriation, and then the article 15 which strongly defines the token not as property but rather as operational items.... its all about the action not mere possession.
Those government layers will and do connect people all around the world instantly, and yet... as eos n its current form and most other crypto is still based on investment, the most influential players still sit in the West and Far east and other regions might remain marginalised, just like they are now (only as westerner you can go anywhere in the world, the rest just doesnt get a visa)

  ·  작년

It was a bit of a ramble this post and not sure about it! Just an idea I was trying to explore, maybe not so well.

And I agree, looking at the constitution and property rights and the emphasis being on action. Where this all leads to is something new, at least I hope it's new! There is the need for investment but at some point, if it's working, the investment will be measured in communities rather than dollars. Not sure when that will happen but with dapps being so much easier on Eos hopefully soonish. When developers in those marginalised areas are writing the revolutionary dapps, can't wait for that.

Some talk in telegram recently that I tend towards and Brock Pierce used to say is that your main 'property' is you, it's your reputation. But we need some stronger identity tools/features to explore it. There are lots of options there with some more worrying than others and there is always the radical transparency approach. I'm in for radical transparency I think.

Thanks for your comments @conceptskip. It was great fun watching the launch. How hard is it to become a block producer! I wonder if there will be another chain with all those idle bps.


I like that on steem, that often you just start writing, and it's not the well composed article but still exciting discussions evolve. Interesting thought, that it would get more into communnity aspects, than just investment. A lot of dapps or projects seem to be oriented towards community-building. Just listened to dallas rushing today, who introduced his karma dapp, which will reward people based on good deeds, that are upvoted, or Kyle from Hirevibes, who suggested charity conducted via blockchain. How far is that from store-of-value-btc? With reputation you can also do very much, bit likely there are still problems possible. What do you undestand as radical transparency?
The launch is really exciting, only i'd hope for a bit more speed.... Thanks from my side as well for inspiring thoughts!

  ·  작년

You've probably read it already but the radical transparency part comes from Dan's post. It's brave but I'm in (I think!)

And exactly, how far from a store of value - a very long way but much more valuable!