Further Correction on Monday 26th June?

3년 전

Tomorrow is going to be a very big day as EOS tokens go on sale on the Ethereum network.

But problem is because of Mad rush the network is going to very predictably get congested again just like it happened with TenX ,Bancor and other ICOs.

If that happens I believe there's going to further correction with ETH and it might test 250-260 again!

Lemme know what you think in comments below :)

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The mad rush during Bancor ICO did cause network congestion but it also caused Ether to spike above 400. Some are speculating this could be bigger than the Bancor ICO...so I'm thinking Ether would go up, not down.

No doubt the correction for ETH and many others is not over. Simply looking at any 1 day chart and stretching itbout the past 4 months shows growth that in many Alts doesn't make sense. Speculators currently rule the market, obviously! Look at any ICO over the past month. My 2 cents.

agreed.. i think we will even see $225 this week..

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