EOS Panel Discussion - video from Consensus 2017

4년 전
in eos


Last week was super hectic and was remembered by Consensus 2017 - one of the biggest blockchain conferences that was held in New York. Later I will publish a short report regarding this conference but firstly would like to share with you this video, that I recorded at EOS roundtable​ session. Hope this video will shed a bit more light on EOS project.

@dantheman told about the concept of EOS and even gave some technical insights followed by Q&A.
At 22:00 @iang gives interesting speach about blockhain governance.

Hope you will enjoy watching it

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Good work with having the tripod :) Thanks for sharing this!

Even my grandpa gets positive thrills when someone posts about EOS.

That must have been awesome :)

Yes! Thank you for the update. EOS looks very interesting, and I am keen on mining / staking / accumulating whenever it is possible.


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Nice idea and i do truly believe it will be launched but unfourtanately i mentioned that my beloved bitshares depreciated after this event in spite of the fact it was strongly appreciating before the event


I don't think BTS will become deprecated. EOS and BTS solve different problems, but after EOS launch bitshares can move to EOS platform in order to be able to interoperate with another DAPPs on EOS


I hope bts will be equal 1 usd soon


I'm also a BTS holder. In my opinion this project has a bright future 🙂

Did an alien spaceship park next to the discussion? :p

I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if they are interested in Dan's creation, they could've just shut down their engine in the meantime.


Yeah, I'm sorry, it was my fault. I placed camera next to the projector and didn't expect that it will be so loud. I spent quite some time to suppress background noises, but this is the best I could achieve


Np, its tolerable for the content :)

Got some night shifts coming up at work - added to the list of things to watch! Thanks :)

Interesting! Thanks for the info😆


Stay tuned. I'll release one more video soon

Such important information and such important innovation - shame they couldn't get a decent cameraman and audio setup - can't understand a thing.

Nice video!