EOS help request - how to create account so I can move OpenEOS from Bitshares to EOS account

3년 전
in eos

Since I'm USA resident I didn't participate in ICO.
Besides I didn't have any ETH.

I have OpenEOS on Bitshares.

How do I create EOS account, is there any easy step by step guide.
I heard some rumors I actually need to purchase account, is this true?

Anyway, I would like to have EOS account, like I have here STEEM account, how do I do this?

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Costs around 8$. I can set you up one, get in touch if you are interested.


Can you elaborate more, why it cost creating the account, where (to who) money goes, I though block one made billions already why these charges, if not block one, who else is getting money and why? Block producer? They are also getting paid by producing blocks. I would just like understand better why, who... and so on... why I need someone to do it for me etc... Would you trust that someone you don't know, create some cryptocurrency account for you?


Hi, for an Account to work you will need to have some 4kb of ram, if you are not already on the chain, you need to buy it and the 0.008 Eos that this costs go to a pool that is intended to reduce inflation, so the whole network benefits. It's not so different from how steem works.
I made this suggestion, as I tried it for myself but own curious to learn how bitshares works.
If you trust me or not is of course your decision.


OK thanks.

I'm understandably looking for solutions, how I can do this myself. :-)
I really don't see a point that someone else has my account credentials.
That's why I originally asked for some simple step by step guide how I could do it.

Account creation is super easy sir and no purchase nessasary, go here

Scatter integration is needed though. As long as your exchange has opened up withdraws you will be able to send the funds to this new account.


Thank you, will give it a try!

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