EOS Is Not A Scam!

4년 전

EOS is set to be the industry standard for DAPPS on the blockchain, yet some call it a scam

When a person takes a look at the EOS Subreddit  they probably ask themselves, "What's up with all of these scam accusations" with posts titled, "Ponzi Scheme" and "The Inevitable Fall of the Eos Token", populating the the subreddit. And that's a normal thing to ask but, what people need to keep in mind is, with any bleeding edge technology there will be those who doubt. 

EOS will be developed by the same people who brought us the Steem and Bitshares blockchain that we all know and love, that alone should instill at least some confidence in potential investors. I see a lot of people claiming that the EOS team will have way to much money resulting from the token sale, more than they'll ever need. Well that may be true, but at least they will have enough funds to hire the best in the business to work on the chain, enough money to cover travel expenses and lodging for  all of the conferences that the team should be attended, but  that's not even the biggest reason, how else can you fairly distribute a new cryptocurrency without the PoW algorithms? You surely can't give them away.

I just want all of my followers, and any doubters to actually look into this before slandering a new technology without doing any sort of research.  There are two interviews given by Dan (founder of eos), both can be found via a quick youtube search for "Eos coin interview"

I apologize for the rant but, this just irks me when ignorant people claim EOS is a scam, it is risky, but nothing has been proven or even implies EOS is any sort of scam or ponzi. 

Keep the Faith AND HODL ON!

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can't help but agree man...

been here for this story and feel you are 100% on point on this one.

  ·  4년 전

Can you make an honest post on the value of the EOS token itself?
Because the devs have distanced themselve from responsibity in a very funny sense.

EOS to the moon!


Eos has a huge market cap so it proves to be a great thing

Why would EOS be a scam?

I have a lot of confidence in the developers and the community, let the haters hate. They will cry when a triple my investment.