The eosDAC Airdrop Day 2 is Underway!

2년 전

BlockMaker Ltd is in the process of giving out 900,000,000 eosDAC tokens to everyone who held EOS on April 15th 01:00 UTC. What a wild and crazy ride! You can watch it in real time on etherscan. It will probably take weeks to finish because Ethereum is... well... Ethereum. We're committed to being finished by May 15th.

Today I worked on updating our airdrop tool for people to check their Ethereum address to see if it qualifies for the airdrop and to request their tokens if they had less than 100 EOS at the time of the snapshot (addresses with more than 100 EOS are automatically airdropped).

I also updated our main telegram channel pinned post message to hopefully answer most questions people have:

This format lets us say, "See the pinned message, section 4" instead of having to repeat the same answers over and over again.

I'm also excited to see eosDAC is now live on blockfolio and coin market cap!

I expect the price to correct downward once more people get their airdropped tokens. We're just getting started and our explainer videos on what DACs are and what eosDAC is specifically aren't done yet. This is super early stage stuff, but I'm so excited to be a part of it.

I've been working like crazy lately, but I'm having so much fun! Our Telegram channel has over 4.3k people! It's hard to believe I only joined the eosDAC launch team two weeks ago.

I'm hoping the lessons I'm learning here will help so many future DACs both on EOS and STEEM via SMTs to understand everything that goes into an airdrop and supporting community questions about a brand new token.

Thank you for your continued support!

Luke Stokes is a father, husband, programmer, STEEM witness, DAC launcher, and voluntaryist who wants to help create a world we all want to live in. Learn about cryptocurrency at

I'm a Witness! Please vote for @lukestokes.mhth

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I'm happy to see you are involved.

The way the airdrop was done, by not just awarding people with 100 EOS or more.. but also allowing people with smaller balances to claim them, is an outstanding representation of the way good airdrops should happen.

I'm quite impressed. Congrats to all of you who organized it this way...


Thanks! Most everything was already planned out by the time I got onboard, but I'm glad I've been able to contribute some tools to help. All the EOS related Telegram channels have been going crazy over this. People get really silly when they hear the words "free" and "airdrop."

That’s awesome @lukestokes. I believe in coming days @eosdac will have great success. I have noticed sharp rise of your social engagement growth. Since my last about 3 most important airdrops for EOS holders month ago, at that time your telegram group member was only 29 and Twitter followers was 93 but within month your telegram group member grow to 4377 and Twitter followers to 2046.


I wish @eosdac have great success. 😊😊

Rock on man! Excited to be part of this! I am patiently awaiting my tokens. :)

I received my eosdac tokens at my ethereum address one day and one hour ago. I had a small amount of eos before I read your last post about the drop and then I bought more than 100 so I would automatically get the tokens.


Very cool!

Wow Luke you are so involved in this new world of crypto currency. Cutting edge! You are a real crypto pioneer from the perspective of someone like myself.

However I'm happy to say I'm contributing as well in my own small way. I just got a couple Steemit shirts made to help promote the platform as I travel around.

Coincidentally I'm staying with a famous musician "Tunga" here in Montevideo Uruguay. He is totally blown away by what I showed him about steemit and he just signed up today. @tunga. He's got a huge fan base all over Uruguay and Argentina, so that's fantastic.

Also my father joined several months ago and is doing market reports that are starting to now get a following. He goes by @yankee-statman. He told me you've been supporting him along. I had no idea until the other day. What a coincidence! He's so excited to have your support like I was, and still am.

So I just wanted to thank you for your support tell you that you keeping me here on steemit has led to others joining and many good things. Thanks for all you do.

From Montevideo Uruguay! -Dan


Wow, @yankee-statman is your dad?!? What a small world. Yeah, I've voted up some of his reports. I like the analysis he's giving from multiple angles.

Very cool about the shirts and music stars!


Yep that's my pops! lol I mentioned your name to him months ago. But other than that he emailed me about your big up-votes all excited just a few days ago. I'm happy you like his reports. Yeah, he's the real deal old school investor. Worked 40 years in money management/stockbroker and will be 70 this year. I now have him interested in cryptos. When he saw me turn steem into gold and silver he was sold!


thanks for the good work and heads up about the airdrop.

I successfully requested my tokens for my Metamask address. Thanks to the link you provided, it was a breeze. However, I do have more tokens on Bitshares network in form of OPEN.EOS. There has been an announcement here from Openledger that they will support airdrop. If or when you have any information on how to claim tokens residing in Bitshares, let us know please.


As far as I know, that will happen automatically. Just need to wait for it.


Thank you for the reply.

On a closely related topic, how do you think EOS will influence Bitshares? I am familiar with the fact that Bitshares is rumoured to reside in EOS, but a well put together and strongly marketed dedicated DEX built on EOS could be a very strong competition.

Hey! Can you tell me whether it was enough to have my EOS in MetaMask or was it crucial to claim my tokens through thanks!


MetaMask is fine. Use the tool I mentioned above to verify it says REQUESTED for your address.

I’ve seen news about the airdrop... had no idea you were involved.

Cool. 😎


It's been a wild and crazy ride. Certainly enjoying it. :)

Thanks for the update boss! Will be looking for my lovely airdrops from eosdac 🤩


Gotta keep 'em stacking. :)

Did you attend the steem conference in Vegas this past weekend? I was supposed to speak but wasn't able to make it.

Enjoyed the Airdrop buzz a lot. Great to see guys all over the world making so much noise and getting excited about the project. I myself got sucked in by their enthusiasm and I am glad I did ;-)
Great work you guys did man. Thanks a lot!


Thanks! We're just getting started though. Still plenty of work to go.


Best of luck :-)

I really need some help here in form of explanation..i am really interested in know ling more about eos, it's just all over everywhere. I am still a novice and I will appreciate if you kindly explain. The first step I need to take to partake. I have joined the telegram page. Thanks


Go to the website, scroll down to the bottom and click on the "get eos" button. EOS is an "erc-20" token so you will need an ethereum address to deposit the EOS. The address will have a public and a private key (two long alphanumeric codes). You send cryptocurrencies to your public key (address) and sign withdrawals with your private key. For Bitcoin, it is recommended that you only send from an address once because you expose your private key to the network when you send so you have to send the whole contents of the address. I don't know exactly how this works on the Ethereum network.

I don't know what happens on "" after you click on "get eos" because I am in the USA and they won't give the tokens to us. I had to buy some on an exchange called "Binance" and before I was able to buy eos on Binance, I had to buy Bitcoins and Litecoins on "Coinbase" using US dollars. If you buy eos on an exchange, you have to register your address with or they will become worthless after June 1 when the eos network instantiates. Alternatively, you could sell your eos before June 1 or wait until after June 1 to buy them.

You can get an ethereum address at and you will probably want to use a browser plugin called "MetaMask" to manage your private keys. I only use MetaMask now because it allows you send and receive and generates public and private keys for you. You can learn about it at

Once you have a public key, you can check up on its contents in metamask on your browser or at lets you track Ethereum and ERC-20 transactions. It also has lots of information about the different coins including the Token Contract Addresses that you need to add token types to MetaMask.

I just learned about all the Ethereum, ERC-20 and wallet stuff last weekend and am a new-comer to it so take my explanations with a grain of salt. I've been using Coinbase to buy Bitcoin, LiteCoin, and Ethereum for about 8 months. I hope that this info will point you in a right direction.


Thanks for being helpful. I love to see this. :)


@smarmy thanks so much.... It was really helpful


If you're wanting to know how to buy EOS, I did a post on that recently. As for explaining EOS, I describe it this way:

I haven't received my new tokens yet but am waiting patiently.

very well post and good work dear @lukestok

Do you know whether they will make it easier for people in the US who bought their eos on an exchange to register their address at for the June 1 launch?

excellent! (you may like the updated market report, today..) thank you..

i have been hearing news about EOS. I have friends here that have been going crazy about it and wont stop talking about it. I hope i wont be late bto the party cos it will take me a while b4 i can buy


Lol I know some of those friends. Don't mind them. It's not too late, compared to the future price

Thanks for the update @lukestokes

Looking forward to getting my eosDAC tokens and seeing you guys really up and running at full speed. Exciting times!

You're doing a great job sir

good job friends thanks for a very good post the success continues

It is nice to see that EOS price did not crashed after the airdrop, I thought it would not be able to keep it that well. If EOS will be what @dan promises it will be, then we will have a new market leader. And it still can be bought for less than 9 dollars each.

I am so much happier happy I am able to read this piece. Thank you @lukestokes. Your such a great teacher. I just requested my airdrop using the recipe contained in this article. I am so happy. Thanks a bunch!

@eurogee of @euronation community