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As the CEO of Brendan Blummer tweeted earlier this month, team is growing faster than ever (for example) and the team is eager to improve EOSIO and bring VOICE to the community. Indeed, many of EOS community members hope the VOICE and its special authentication system will be a game changer as many of us have lost faith in the major centralised social platforms as we keep seeing outraging news about fake/bot accounts or accidental data breach. eosDAC is also being ready for the launch of VOICE, with plans to facilitate VOICE DACs! The eosDAC Custodians already have signed the multisig proposal to name VOICE DACs as CHOIR.

CHOIR To Be An Official Name For An EosDAC Project Focused On VOICE

The vision is to allow any group to set up their own Voice based DAC (CHOIR) and have millions of active users being members. CHOIR will be enabled by using the DAC Factory (which is still a WIP).

We are in the brainstorming stage to entail future possibilities of CHOIR. For example, we could have ‘Fan Club’ DACs - any celeb influencer on Voice can have a fan club run as a DAC/Choir which is owned and run by the fans! How does it sound? Another idea is to facilitate interchange of Voice tokens and Choir tokens so the Voice tokens can go into a Choir Pool which can be used for anything the Choir leaders approve. The more Choir tokens you get, the more say you have over the Choir leadership.

If you have any great ideas about Voice DACs which you want to share, join our Discord server! Anyone can put forward activities to help build out the branding and project plan/roadmap for CHOIR.

We believe that CHOIRs will be a great opportunity to promote DAC awareness and achieve mass adoption of the DAC structure. It will also present opportunities to increase revenue for eosDAC!


Use your voice - Join a Choir!

Please vote for eosdacserver

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Very excited about this prospect. Also a singer so I appreciate the name choice. :)