Weekly DAC Recap #1

11개월 전

This weeks highlights

  • New custodian elected: Myra from EOS Alliance onboards eosDAC as a Custodian! She had formerly worked with EOS Gravity and has been working as a Deputy Executive Director of the EOS Alliance. We are excited about that more and more EOS enthusiast joining the eosDAC Custodian board. Welcome to eosDAC, Myra!
    (Current Custodian Board - they are re-elected every 7 days! If you want to engage in running eosDAC and make decisions for it, stake a minimum of 35000 EOSDAC and register yourself as a candidate on https://members.eosdac.io/)

  • Good news for all token holders who had their tokens stuck on ETH based dex like IDEX, Forkdelta, EtherDelta and others. We have started sending tokens via multisigs transactions signed by eosDAC custodians. To claim your tokens, please follow this video tutorial.
    Transfer of tokens will be proposed as Msigs after verification and will require 10/12 custodian approval.
    View current Multisigs

  • Token contract and security: 8/10 of the top tokens on EOS have a single owner key which controls (single point of failure) whereas EOSDAC is controlled by 12 Custodians. One of many reasons why eosDAC chooses to be a DAC. Read our latest post on the DAC's approach to token contract security.

  • Furthermore, you can watch Luke's short walk-through of the eosDAC member client and grasp an overview of the DAC permissions which make all this, seemingly complicated but in real just simple and secure stuff work.

  • Watch this week’s EOS Radio episode featuring Luke (eosDAC), Yves (EOS Nation) and Scott (Greymass) covering important topics such as EOS inflation, effects of burning WPS funds, how it relates to the overall structure of EOS


Republic of Liberland to become the first government body to adapt DAC technology

Exciting news for all DAC supporters! We’ve got a DAG (Decentralized Autonomous Government) preparing to launch on EOSIO!

  • Michael did a presentation on DACs showcasing our Member Client at Liberland last week:

And following this presentation, Liberland has just announced the DAG (Decentralized Autonomous Government) initiative with EOSIO. Dan’s reaction?

  • Learn about Liberland with this video. From 24:29, the president of Liberland talks about how DACs/DACs can be more transparent and efficient than the traditional systems, and how every company in Liberland will also have a DAO/DAC.


eosDAC Twitter highlights


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