Why eosDAC Deserves EOS BP Support? (Updated)

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1) Technical excellence

eosDAC’ significant contributions have been providing technical leadership for the chain. We have pursued continual improvement to be one of the most technically excellent block producers since the very first testnet:

2) Having enough funds in reserve and a 24/7 support team

As of January 2019, eosDAC has total cash reserves of around £190k and can make grant requests of The DAC Foundation in Zug for further financial support to fund operations.

3) Multiple Server Installation

eosDAC servers are geographically dispersed in diverse jurisdictions - hosting its own servers in M24seven’s privately owned data centres in Manchester, UK and Bucharest, Romania. M24seven’s state-of-the-art Tier 3 facilities provide comprehensive security, resilience and bandwidth capacity and are ranked Europe’s greenest for electricity consumption.
eosDAC also has an IBM based node in South Korea, OVH based nodes in the UK and France and some AWS services running from either the London or Irish data centers.
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4) Our tools and smart contracts are fully open source and free to use for anybody

5) Another layer of decentralization onto EOS

eosDAC is owned by the eosDAC community and run by 12 elected Custodians. Using this decentralized governance provides stability of the chain - there is no single point of failure/control

6) Supporting eosDAC development helps the EOS ecosystem to grow

  • eosDAC is pioneering building the first DAC and have always pursued the way for DACs to interface with the real world, with a legally advised constitution ready for other DACs to build up on: Member Client

  • eosDAC Members are the most knowledgeable members in setting up and running a DAC - With its own DAC building experience, eosDAC has a mission of enabling DACs - we provide advice and assistance to DAC projects. Poker DAC and Telos DAC have distributed a portion of their tokens as an appreciation.

  • New projects in the ecosystem continuously turn to us for guidance and support. A few of those we are working with are listed here: https://eosdac.io/success-stories/

  • eosDAC have sponsored promising projects on EOS such as Chintai and Scatter in their early days

  • eosDAC core members are involved in launching EOS DAO

  • DAC Chain initiative
    Having identified the resources that a DAC needs to start and grow, and the areas where EOS currently is not offering these, we have established the DAC Chain Initiative which will conduct exploratory exercises to address current issues on chain. The DAC Chain Initiative will examine issues such as RAM pricing, CPU supply, user-friendly account creation, and other topics. The outcome will be a set of recommendations to improve the mainnet or other chains. Find out about the initiative.

  • We provide DAC Education: in-depth explanation on what is a DAC available in English, Chinese, Korean and Russian

7) Active worker proposals with complete financial transparency, reports updated regularly on our website & Steemit blog.**

  • EOS Earnings and Expenditure publicly available on our Member Client
  • Fiat Financial Report published on a regular basis on our website

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