Introducing Spectrum Streaming API for EOSIO

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Introducing Spectrum streaming API for EOSIO

Logo courtesy of @anemonia art .

EOS Tribe introduces streaming API for EOSIO chains to allow dApp developers to subscribe and receive events in real time for certain accounts only.

Spectrum API supports streaming API over web socket as well as traditional History Search API over REST:
Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 1.47.20 PM.png

Spectrum API is implemented in Java with scalability and security in mind. Spectrum is relaying on State History and Chronicle module for underlying blocks and transactions processing with fork handling.
Spectrum is fully EOSIO v1.8 compliant.

Spectrum streaming features:

  • get_actions - subscribe on all events for a given account with possibility to filter by action names.

  • get_transaction - subscribe on transactions which correspond for a given account.

  • get_table_deltas - subscribe to events that display changes in the tables as a result of the execution of transactions for your account.

Client opens web-socket connection and subscribes for live events per account with filtered list of actions (transfer, etc).

Spectrum API will also support all standard /v1/history/* REST endpoints for transactions lookup.

Timeline for Spectrum:

  • Go live for Spectrum API by end of September 2019.

  • Release of SpectrumJS client library with developer documentation in October 2019.

  • Open source Spectrum API after testing by end of 2019.

EOS Tribe is committed to continue work on creating innovative solutions for EOSIO.

More updates are coming soon..

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