EOS Venezuela Creates The Crypto Peso

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If you are aware EOS (which also uses graphene like STEEM) also has witnesses, called delegates but up there its so hard and so much work to keep servers up its often a few people or companies running the nodes. I dont think theres any single person with enough stake and powers to get voted in.

So also countries got their representatives and today i want to speak of EOS Venezuela .

If you are aware (and surely you are) the local currency there hit so big inflation and IMF projects Venezuela inflation will hit 1,000,000 percent in 2018.. For now all time high of 200000 percent in August of 2018 happened.

So the guys from team decided to make P$O - a token on the EOS blockchain, based on the same technical characteristics of the EOS token itself. Unlike native currency it has 0% inflation rate.
They partnered with EVA.coop (like Uber) to use the Crypto Peso token as the native token for the Venezuelan adoption of its platform.

It will be listed in October on some EOS dexes.

If you live in Venezuela or own EOS you can get some of the initial coins for free.

The Crypto Peso has a special distribution process, due to the mission of becoming a complementary currency to boost the economy in developing countries in Latin America, focused in Venezuela as a pilot program, every Venezuelan citizen who enrolls in the distribution receive an amount of 10 Crypto Pesos. The information of each user is collated with the National Electoral Registry to have control in the inscriptions and verify the Venezuelan identity of the user.

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EOS Venezuela is currently working on a holistic plan for the development of Venezuela and the Latin American region through the implementation of crypto and blockchain technologies.

A proposal that contemplates a free crypto economy for mass adoption through the Crypto Peso; a plan for job creation through the Coding Schools and implementation of the Tellers network in Venezuela; together with other BPs working on a tool to have elections on the blockchain to be implemented as way to combat possible electoral corruption in Latin America. The development of the EOS Club and Crypto Local Exchange.

Give them support - Vote for EOSVENEZUELA as Block Producer
Tutorial on https://eosvenezuela.io

I really like the idea of trying to work out this crisis and the idea these guys have.

My Official Discord Crypto/Steemit Group - https://discord.gg/Ma3VCxj

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I also heard the government itself was working on its own oil backed crypto called the Pëtro! Wow this is really interesting and exciting times! What could be seen as a terrible situation for the country could be the ideal situation for them! Who knows this could be the start of main stream adoption and Venezuelans could make history by showing the world the practical application of cryptocurrency! I’m sure it would also attract investment and tourism too, the novelty to use crypto on your travels should attract millions from around the world

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It seems the Petro was just a scam (like most ICO's) to get people to trade their fiat for imaginary tokens. There wasn't actually a cryptographic technology behind the currency, and it's not going to do anything to solve the crisis. It only succeeded in providing the Maduro government with some spending money


I have no data to prove it, but there is also no data to prove that the "petro" exists other than as an idea. There's fairly strong circumstantial evidence to suggests that it does not, in fact, exist. Not that the following is an infallible source, but here's a couple excerpts from a recent wired.com article that will definitely raise some eyebrows:

One Petro is supposed to get you $60 or 3,600 sovereign bolívars. It’s supposedly backed by oil barrels produced by the national oil company PDVSA; the catch: PDVSA also has debts amounting to $45 billion. And in real life, the Petro – crypto or not – doesn’t exist at all. “We have not seen a single Petro circulating, nor its smart contracts, or rules of the token, and much less its blockchain,” says Farias.

“One of their high-ranked officials from the police intelligence agency was treating bitcoin miners as terrorists, and even came out saying miners where physically taking bitcoins to the border of Colombia to exchange them for US dollars. The national intelligence agency was saying there was a physical bitcoin! And now they have a national cryptocurrency – so who will mine it or sustain the network?”


Also, I just opened your profile and saw you're from CABA. I lived there for about four months earlier this year-- hold it down!

Cool, I hope it makes their situation better.

Lo único que queda por decir es "Gracias" @kingscrown y @eosvenezuela por querer ayudar a poder salir de esta crisis tan particular por la cual atravesamos. Estamos completamente seguros que con las Criptomonedas podemos salir de esto. Saludos y Bendiciones a todos los que de corazón nos ayudan en estos momentos en los cuales lo necesitamos y nos hacen sentir que no estamos SOLOS


¡Gracias a ti @franciscana23!,

No es solamente el hecho de salir de la crisis, lo cual constituye un objetivo a largo plazo, sino avanzar en redieñar un futuro que nos aleje de las crisis cíclicas en los próximas décadas. Podemos construir una mejor región si aplicamos soluciones descentralizadas, en las que políticos corruptos no pueden meter sus manos.



Es algo global lo que esta pasando, solo que algunos paises estan mejor parados frente a estas crisis. Aca en Argentina estamos entrando en la hiperinflación.

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Keep up the excellent work! Thank you for being a supporter.
Full Steem Ahead!! <3

Great news! More adoption and use of EOS.



Soy venezolano el mundo de las criptomonedas representa una esperanza para muchos de nosotros espero se pueda llevar a cabo el proyecto y tenga buena aceptación por la comunidad gracias por la información


Hola @marcos88829,

Estamos trabajando mucho para que los venezolanos puedan ver una oportunidad, al corto y largo plazo, en el CryptoPeso. Juntos podemos lograr mucho.


@kingscrwon Thank you very much for mentioning the hard work we have been doing, with the aim of helping our country and region to build a better future. We know that we have all of you and that motivates us a lot.

In the next few days we will continue to announce the advances in the development of the tools that will contribute to the cryptopeso ecosystem.

Thank you all, and remember that you can participate in our airdrop

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Given the situation in Venezuela, not a bad idea.

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Se ve interesante, es lo que necesitamos iniciativas para Venezuela.

This is great news @kingscrown

every Venezuelan citizen who enrolls in the distribution receive an amount of 10 Crypto Pesos

Where do I find the enrollment process?


nice work guys!

Soy Venezolano, les deseo mucho éxito en su proyecto.

This is really good

Hopefully this will empower the citizens! The situation in the is chaotic and any help would be very well received.

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The only thing I didn't like about this airdrop is the KYC part, but according to them is to make sure they benefit venezuelans.

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Let the country implode on those communists morons

Estamos unos cuantos venezolanos por aqui tratando de redondearnos algo más en sueldo por que la inflación nos va a comer a nosotros. Veo cada vez mas flaquito a los venezolanos en la calle.


Hola @sacra97,

Si, la verdad la situación es bastante complicada ahora mismo, por eso debemos trabajar muy duro para resolver este problema de raíz, necesitamos crear las basas para una economía moderna, descentralizada y próspera.

Hyperinflation...when the state and money are one..EOSVENEZUELA sounds like a great project. Hope it helps the people. :)

Me gusta mucho esta iniciativa, me parece que hay muchos proyectos buenos originados en Venezuela que buscan mejorar la situación, aunque no me queda muy claro cómo en este caso quieren hacerlo, me podrían dar más información?

@eosvenezuela @kingscrown

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Thanks @kingscrwon and thanks @eosvenezuela for this.
If you want to help us, I invite you to see this article It's about Venezuela and its crisis, that post was done by a Canadian.

you have to see this video
si eres venezolano tienes que ver este video https://steemit.com/dtube/@andrealvaradons/kf6ytjy1