EOS Knights: Features, Gameplay and a few thoughts

2개월 전

EOS knights is a role player game on the EOS blockchain that I found on Stateofthedapps. It is the 8th rated Dapp in the games category. Here's my experience with the game.

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@belemo, this will not be entered into the competition, as the rules ask you not to review a game that already has critic reviews on it. EOS Knights already has reviews.


Ouch okay, thank you very much. I'll do another. Although the reviews there don't talk about the village feature and how to get around it.

try playing gods unchained and also, we need steemmonsters to be 3d :D


God's unchained is OP, played it, love it and even made a little review about it 😁 close to lvl 100 atm


Nicely done. Imma check it out


Lol man that would be absolutely awesome. I'll check out gods unchained, I actually saw it.