EOS Block Producer Candidates: Ghostbusters Is Now EOS CORE and Is Ready for Testing!

2년 전

The Ghostbusters initiative is now known as EOS CORE and has been working tirelessly to launch a secure, validated EOS blockchain. We all want this done right without any concerns for ego or politics. Our goal is to launch the EOS blockchain quickly and securely.

To learn more about EOS CORE (previously Ghostbusters), please give these posts a read:

Here's the state of things today:

  1. A blockchain has been spun up, the core contracts were loaded, the EOS tokens were added, registered accounts were included, and multiple independent sources have validated the chain.

  2. This blockchain was frozen for later use. We'll give this frozen blockchain the codename "EOSLetItGo" for now (you know, because it's "Frozen"?).

  3. A copy of "EOSLetItGo" is now running as a testnet and EOS CORE is asking all block producer candidates to connect to it and help with testing out the EOS software in a production environment using a validated chain.

If you're an EOS Block Producer Candidate (or you're connected to one), please have them join the EOS CORE Telegram channel to contribute (it was formally known as BP Infrastructure). They are asking all BP Candidates to register their block producer accounts so they can be voted in and bring the chain live for further testing with real block producers. The security around this chain should be given the same attention as a production environment as this chain is loaded with real accounts from the snapshot and block producers are connecting to it using their production infrastructure.

This spreadsheet was recently shared to coordinate the testing that needs to be done on the blockchain.

We're excited to get support for this initiative from people like David Moss and Thomas Cox:

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 2.56.49 PM.png

As mentioned in the posts above, this is all about launching a secure, validated EOS blockchain. Testing that blockchain is incredibly important, and we want the entire community involved in ensuring this happens correctly. We remain committed to only launching one EOS mainnet and are working hard to ensure which ever mainnet launches will be the one the community trusts.

As mentioned on Twitter by EOS Vibes, at least 7 block producer candidates have already validated the snapshot balances in "EOSLetItGO."

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 3.40.30 PM.png

Please spread the word and join this effort to help launch a secure EOS blockchain.

We, @eosdac, again want to thank everyone involved in EOS CORE including EOS Rio, HKEOS, Sw/eden, EOS Tribe, and EOS 42.

Edit: For those who want to participate but aren't joining the mesh of VPN peer to peer connections, we'll edit this post and include public seed nodes you can sync with below:

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Great job I will share this and Ghostbusters initiative EOS CORE looks like the way forward

I hope one of this block producers will be able to provide EOS to USD exchange service. Without it, EOS is just another crypto currency with lots of hype.

Steem still doesn't have STEEM to USD, we are still dependent to BTC or ETH to convert to fiat. This is our third year, somebody should figure this out by now.

So is EOS CORE and EOS BIOS working together or racing to be the first?


I think everyone's trying to work together, there are just different views on the best approach to take that will launch a secure, validated chain. There's no value in being "first" since all the BPs have already committed to only launching one mainnet we call EOS. I'd personally like to see many validated chains up and running and just flip a coin as to which one becomes EOS. If they are all validated, they should all be the same anyway.

Right now the focus seems to be on really testing these networks hard to ensure we aren't missing anything.


They are using to different boot methods to load up the chain for BPs. One use a BIOS and another is using cmd code. Two approaches to launch the chain. If BIOS fails, cmd line will most likely take control to launch it and vice versa.

I've heard LiquidEOS is also testing/verifying on this chain. That's great news!

Exciting stuff, keep it up guys!

Is this effort part of or separate from EOS Mainnet Launch Group (EMLG) as described on EOS launch tracker site by eos nation bp candidate?


The EMLG, from what I understand, is just a name given to a group of BPs that are committed to working together to launch a single EOS mainnet. Validating chains on EOS Core, EOS BIOS and others is what I understand EOS Nation has been contributing.

Would be nice to see the actual launch date (EOS to use) on your website. So people stop asking about

Answer found. Thanks to this website https://eosnation.io/eos-launch-tracker and https://eosflare.io/ for providing real time update.

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I hope everything goes well with EOS Core. This EOS projects are making me very excited to see what will happen next.

My latest build of EOS failed. Someone on GitHub has produced a fix but it hasn't been merged. This was on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Did you guys run into any issues like this?

Also I'm looking fora block producer to create an account for me on the mainnet and put a little bit of EOS in that account so I can start creating other accounts and get to work.

I can pay in STEEM and also you would have my vote for BP. Let me know if you can help. Thanks