Early Birds Token Distribution Snapshot | Daily Dividend Page Showcase

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EpicDice is the fairest dice game built on top of Steem blockchain which aims to provide a refined gambling experience while keeping simplicity intact.

Let the fun begin


We had a blast last bet contest

Record-high total wagered amount over 120k STEEM successfully broke into Tier 2 for the first time since game launch. Total reward of more than 350 STEEM was sent out automatically to the top 10 winners. Especially our biggest top 3 winners @starfighter(100 STEEM) @trydice(40 STEEM) and @ugos(200 STEEM). Congratulations!

Beside the happening betting carnival on the game site, we have working hard to realise the token plan. The initial plan was to launch the token first and daily dividend system later. However, we acknowledged that a casino token on a blockchain is almost useless without the actual profit sharing mechanism. Hence instead of launching both systems separately, we think it would be a great idea to launch both at the same time. Players can expect both features to be available soon 1 to 2 weeks time.

To keep our users informed and updated, we will showcase the upcoming new page for the token/daily dividend, as well as the early-bird token distribution by far.

New Daily Dividend page (coming soon)


Value and number in the picture are for illustration purpose only.

A new page will be added to the game site showcasing the statistics of daily dividend and EPIC token status.

At the upper section, we have Next Payout prize pool reflecting 50% of House Daily Profits which is tracking the difference between the daily opening and closing balance of the house fund. As the fund is tracked close to real-time, value fluctuation for both value is expected. House Token Holding shows the total amount of EPIC is holding by official @epictoken account.

Players can find their current holding of EPIC and expected dividend which fluctuates due to the inflating circulating token and house profitability on the day. There is no need to claim dividend anymore. At the end of every daily dividend payout, we send out the dividend directly to player's wallet and accumulate that amount onto Total Received Dividend.

At the lower section, the status of EPIC is shown in 3 main categories:

  • Max Supply: 8 billion, stays the same forever
  • Circulating: Represents the total minted token circulating on the market.
  • Every One STEEM/SBD Earns: Represents current mining rate per bet. Halves every 10% of the Circulating/Max supply.

Whale Table shows the top 10 biggest EPIC holder excluding house account.

Early-bird mined token snapshot

Many have inquired how much tokens were mined since we don't provide such information on the game site until the token is launched. We snapshot the data right after the last round of bet contest(22/4/2019) to give players a better idea of what position they are at now. Every bet starting from the game launched has been recorded on the Steem blockchain as well as our server.

Players: All players at least placed one bet in the game. @epictoken is an official account to receive the 40% EPIC in every new token issuance. It is also responsible for the bonus fund (10% of max supply) distribution.

Total Wagered: Total amount of STEEM and SBD wagered in the game. STEEM and SND stay at 1:1 ratio.

Total Entitled EPIC: Earned EPIC amount with early-bird bonus rate 1 STEEM/SBD : 110 EPIC.

Share: Market share of EPIC against the total minted token supply. This value will be used in the coming Daily Dividend distribution as well. Eg, dividend pool has 1000 STEEM and you own 5% of EPIC share, you get 50 STEEM.

Note that we will do the same snapshot one more time and issue the token accordingly to each player in the table, right before the token launching. The table will be updated and posted after the token goes live.

PlayersTotal WageredTotal Entitled EPICShare


EPIC token will be running on the sidechain of Steem, aka the Steem-Engine. While the project is innovative and very ambitious to better the Steem ecosystem, it is still in its infancy and the devs are improving it every day. Should there are any technical difficulties of sidechain hindering the distribution of EPIC, we will try our best to follow up and get the issue resolved. However, players should understand that EpicDice does not hold the responsibility of sidechain's health.

Please join our Discord server for better communication.

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Sounds like a good idea to launch tokens and the daily dividends at the same time. A bit sad that we have to wait for another 1-2 weeks though, but I'd rather wait a little longer and have them launched simultaneously.

I love the details on the upcoming dividend-page. With this transparency, I think I might actually have found my new favorite dApp.


Hopefully we can push the development and testing phase hard to reduce your sadness. Thanks for you patience. Transparency and fairness granted by the awesome blockchain is the main reason why we decided to make this DAPP platform, we shall keep it up and always trying to improve on it.

Another great update… Can you confirm when dividends will start?


As we mentioned the post, it will be somewhere around next week. Thanks for passing by.

Great update . Future looking great.

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I didn't realize that I played here. 😊

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Well, we hope it was not due to the weak impression by us!


No, I just didn't get the time. Will try you guys out. 😊

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When the dividend program starts will dividends begin to accrue at that point in time or are they retroactive relative to prior profits gained?

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The latter. Daily div distribution will only recognize the holding amount of EPIC at the end of the round, and every EPIC is the same no matter you get them in early bird stage or after token goes live(back to normal rate). The only difference early-bird stage makes is players earns extra 10% of token. We hope that is clear enough for you.


Thanks for the clarification

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We might misunderstand your question. Dividend will be take effect in the day where div system is launched. The system won't be able to track house fund since day 1 the platform launched, and the movement of house fund wasn't designed to fit into the future div system(movement unrelated to game transaction is prohibited during operation window).

Morever, when the div system start its first payday, it treats all token the same no matter when or where do you earned it.


Ok. Yeah I figured that's what you meant to say based on your first responses details. Thanks again

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Thanks for sharing.

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