Giving Out Over 200k EPC in Bet Contest, Every Day.

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EpicDice is a decentralized dice game built on top of Steem blockchain which aims to provide a refined gambling experience while keeping simplicity intact.

Let the fun begin

Daily bet contest is now live

Over 210k EPC token will now start to distribute on a daily basis via our new bet contest. Unlike previous lengthy weekly contest, EPC prize will be given out every day from the bonus fund holding by the house. This would gradually decrease the house's holding in overall circulating supply, which means players will get more share out of the daily dividend.

We took away the previous tier unlocking system and replaced it with a higher flat rate of prizes, for the sake of faster token distribution and simplicity. The more EPC you are holding, the more dividend you are getting. Let's roll on!

Earn EPIC via delegation

Gambling might not the thing for everyone, you can still earn EPIC via delegation. Every 1 SP delegation earns 2 EPC daily. It takes one day for the delegation to be effective in order to receive the dividend, from the moment of delegation. This is the only way to be part of the dividend pool shareholders besides betting.

Quick delegation via Steemconnect links below:

100 SP | 500 SP | 1000 SP | 5000 SP | 10000 SP

Please join our Discord server for better communication.

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I took a look at the site. Tried to set up an account. Wasn't able to log in. Just spins. Dividend payout amount shows Zero. Couldn't find were to add delegation. There were people there but no one was playing. I'll check back later but right now the site isn't ready in my opinion.


The game site is ready all the while. You need to use keychain in order to login. You may also use the quick delegation link in this post for delegation.

played yesterday for 8 steem and got nothing.


and you think thats a reasonable amount to draw conclusions?


We check through the bet logs and found out you've sent in bet when the game was down for maintenance. 8 STEEM has been refunded to your wallet. Thanks for the report and we hope to see you again in the game!

i am constantly impressed with what you are doing epicdice.


That's what the team is trying to achieve every single day, thanks for the support!

Honestly speaking, I was actually expecting a higher prize on the leaderboard table. Although I was sure it would never be higher than what Magic Dice offers but a million or two was my guess anyhow. My idea was that you will offer something more valuable than the weekly prizes in STEEM as you are offering your own native tokens instead. But now it seems that leaderboard is decreasing instead of increasing! Am I wrong in assuming that?


We understood your concern, but millions of token to be given away on daily basis is just going to break the EPC economy. We don't mint new token out of the contract and all prize fund comes from the 10% bonus fund that house is holding. Furthermore, this prize level(200k daily) is base on the assumption that daily wager volume is over 100k STEEM, which is not the case so far. So we would say the leaderboard prize is a STEAL for now, as house is distributing more than it should.

In the mean time, while we taken away the STEEM prize, dev team is working on the next big feature that would bring the STEEM prize in another way more attractive form. And we expect that would bring enormous value to our token as a result.

The best advice we could give is, gather as much token as you can while the rate is in your favor before the new feature is released. Thanks for the comment and we shall see you in our discord channel if you have more to voice out.


Really smooth interface, I think being able to buy really easily on steem-engine is awesome!


Thanks for passing by. Yea, that's the main reason we dicided to leverage the Steem-Engine infrastructure to provide a real native token experience in the system.

@epicdice when will you support mobile browsers ?

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It is in our roadmap but we are in the middle of developing something else bigger. Stay tuned!


No. Maybe in future

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I noticed that your token on Steem Engine has no volume. If you have large delegation amounts why not allow people to spend their tokens on profitable upvotes from your account? SE token bidbots are working well such as with Tipu's bot, why not do exactly what Tipu is doing with their token? This would make your token very valuable because holders of the token benefit from the long-term passive income and the people that want immediate benefit can purchase upvotes from @epicdice. If the upvote value to token ratio is generous this would likely create the market on Steem Engine to become volatile in a good way, building buzz for Epic Dice and creating a speculative value for your token.

Like my idea? Why not support me with a donation of some kind, such as some STEEM, SBD, EPC or maybe a delegation.

Hope the best for your project! :)


Appreciate the input there. We are currently working on a feature what would works much better in giving REAL value to our token, while complementing the gaming nature our platform already is providing. That would works a wonder in increasing the demand for our token.

We are really excited in releasing that feature soon. Stay tuned!

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Good one...

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Hi, Great game! I have sent 7 STEEM witch comment #Below 52. I type wrong in transaction. Will I get it back or is it lost STEEM?


Please report the exact transaction ID in Help channel of our Discord.

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