Ways To Earn Epic Dice Tokens

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Hi Steemians!

This post is intentionally made as a guide for users who wanted to earn/have epic tokens and receive daily dividends. This is my personal input of this dice game after the @magic-dice exit scam. Though I've asked them in what way they can assure us that they'll not do the same as magic-dice, they still can't solidify that aspect to us *(hesitant)* users. After that conversation with @blocksensei and commented on this, "We shall start exploring option in enhancing the trust part, good points. Thanks for the feedback." Let's see it soon. Anyway if you wish to start the ball rollin with epicdice, click that referral link of mine below.


The token distribution of @epicdice will be earned by these ways :

1. By playing - Every 1 Steem wager gives you 100 Epic Tokens, win or lose. All of your accumulated bets will be shown on the ranking table. The minimum wager is 0.1 Steem which gives you 10 Epic Tokens.

2. By staking - Delegate with @epicdice and receive fixed and passive amount of Epic Tokens per day. Every 1 SP delegated = 2 Epic Tokens. Ex (100 SP = 200 Epic Tokens per day).

3. By winning Daily Ranking - Everyday has a ranking of top wagered users, @epicdice accumulate your total Steem/Sbd wagered on that specific day. 1st = 100k Epic Tokens, 2nd = 50k Epic Tokens, 3rd = 25k Epic Tokens, 4th-10th = 5k Epic Tokens. Play everyday and get a chance to win Epic Tokens.

4. Buying Through Steem-Engine - Epic Tokens are allowed to be sold/bought in Steem-Engine (https://steem-engine.com/?p=history&t=EPC). So if you want to invest and earn daily dividends, you should bag some because we're near the halving.

Aside from the contest that were announced by @epicdice during its starting phase (contests, bounties, etc), there were no other way of earning Epic Tokens. If you have any additional inputs, corrections, questions, or clarifications feel free to drop a comment below or message me.

The current price of Epic Token is $0.00003. Feel free to click the link above and play at your own risk.
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You sums it up pretty well. We have plans in newer future to giveaway more tokens via ad hoc events like promotion and contest. And also we are damn near the huge excitement of next major release, stay tuned!


That's exciting. Can we get some hints about this "next major release"?

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Parang interesado ako sa larong ito! maraming salamat kabayan sa iyong info..

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