In my expirience when it comes to playing any FAIR Dice Game, and EPICDICE.CLUB is FAIR; sometimes you just need to loose so you can keep winning, the game moves in waves sometimes you are on a winning streak but then it suddenly turns and its up to you how to react, under this circumstances there are two options you can use a very time small amount of your bankroll once you feel you have win enough and then let the bad streak come and take those very tiny small gains or if your bankroll is big enough just let it go and after that bad streak start increasing your bets.

Most of the time I play automatic and you can see how on my gameplays, my startegy is the first one, once I think I have win enough lower my bets and let the bad streak come and then just double up on the next bets once the bad streak is over.

So its is important to loose too and learn how to loose, here some images of my last session on EPICDICE.CLUB

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