I will no longer gamble

2년 전

A couple hours ago I introduced myself to a game called epicdice... I bet 1 steem at anything under 95 meaning I had a 94% chance of winning and I would get a 0.047 steem return on my investment... which I did for my first few rolls then I lost. Twice in 15 rolls. I was overwhelmed by how much steem I had made in a matter of minutes by gambling I had 8 steem in my account and in 10 minutes I had 10 steem and this was only using 1 steem at a 95% success rate so naturally I weighed out my options and decided it would be a good idea to put my accumulated 10 steem into the next roll... and yup I lost all 10 of my steem

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isn't online gambling illegal in the us


I'm not really sure I'm from the uk.