Jeffrey Epstein and Mad Scientists


Big Tech is being used as a teaching tool for AI and people are being experimented on with out their knowledge. This is one of many points touched on in the above video. This perhaps is one of the most informative videos pertaining to new tech, as well as Epstein. His involvement with science, Harvard, and his interest in the human mind.

It is my belief that Steem(it) has been used as a human social experiment as well. That is only my opinion and I respect all other thoughts, as well as ideas. Please take the time to watch the video. The video is extremely relevant pertaining to the times we live in, the current news with Epstein, and will resonate with anyone who has been a part of social media. I promise you will not regret it.


After watching the video please take a moment to see this post I have linked below concerning exactly the topic within the video. The heads of Steem have been playing with AI publicly and laughing about it. eg

They are using your reactions to teach the AI and to map the human mind.

#artificialintelligence #ai #science #tech #technocrats #truth #experiment

Note: by no means do I feel that many folks know this was/is/has been going on. Only a handful are involved and they guard this information with their lives. So please do not assume I think everyone is in on this. Nor do I believe that 99.9% of users have any knowledge that this is taking place.

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Epstein is a genius, and I'm pretty sure he funded science he believed would enable him to better prosper by it's application. Since, from all appearances, his work was to use people's fears and lusts against them for fun and profit, the thrust of his grants make sense in that context. Dan's genius seems to have been less social, and the very broken rewards mechanism reflects that lesser grasp of neurolinguistics and society his competence in creating apps availed him.

Steem was inspired on a social level in many respects nonetheless, and despite the terrible concentration of stake, and the stake-weighting mechanism so denigrating social interactions, does demonstrate truly experimental tokenization and the superlative social progress potential by concatenating cryptocurrency and social media. I reckon that is the experiment underway, rather than manipulation of human minds. The latter is not Dan's specialty, and seems not to be undertaken, or even acknowledged, in various posts and comments from Stinc.

It's pretty hard to reconcile master manipulation of people and society with the actual history of Steem and the HFs implemented with such poor grasp of how folks would respond and what the consequences would be.

Still, I can see how you might get that impression from how useful such an experiment would be. Fakebook is that experiment IMHO, and I reckon Libra is their attempt to perfect Steem. Fortunately, I don't think they'll be able to nominally moderate stake-weighting to successfully potentiate the desired social control. The early indications seem to suggest that the distribution of stake nominal to supercede legacy society won't be a feature of Libra, and I don't think it could, because those driving Libra are legacy stakeholders.