Epstein, Pimp for the Elite

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Convicted child molestor Jeffrey Epstein is known to have many high profile connection with elites around the world. This much has been admitted and openly talked about prior to his first arrest last decade. With the new charges and arrest, the question of his connections to elite circles needs to be looked at again.


Of note is his admitted Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission membership. In 2003, the Harvard Crimson wrote about the "goodness" of Jeffrey Epstein and his connection to many prominent figures:

"...eminent friends that includes princes, presidents and Nobel Prize winners."

This includes then Frankfurter Professor of Law Alan M. Dershowitz and future US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, two names many recognize.

The article describes Epstein as "one of the most pleasant philanthropists". I don't doubt it. Being charismatic and being able to be liked is a common trait that psychopaths learn to master in their manipulative weaving of the world of human relations. Anyone can fall for the persona that makes itself likeable, especially when you have tons of money.

Getting back to Dershowitz, he admitted having received a massage at Epstein’s Palm Beach home in an article for Axios last year:

"he received a massage at Epstein’s Palm Beach home, adding that the woman who provided it was of legal age” "

This woman was apparently “an old old Russian.”

But former Epstein victim Virginia Roberts said Dershowitz got more that than from other women, or children. Notably, herself as a child, whom Dershowitz had sex with.

This is undoubtably what most of the elite were seeking as they went to Epstein's homes and "orgy island" and private "Lolita express" jet liner. Epstein would promise them access to girls in his privately owned areas where they would be safe and secure to carry out their perverted degenerate ways. But are their secrets really safe?

Epstein was a professional pimp by all accounts, providing underage girls to the rich and elite. Security cameras were openly visible, but probably other recording devices inside the buildings which recorded these debaucherous events. Some the visitors knew about as they would take photographs or videos of their experiences with girls.

As I've learned about in other sources, such As Kay Griggs videos about military and government orgies, there is a lot of blackmail that occurs to get people to remain aligned with a secret agenda. many get pressured to join in the activities in order to be part of the club, to be "in", and to ensure that you stay allied with the goals of the group, lest you be exposed for what you've done with pictures or video being released.

It stands to reason that the members of the CRF and Trilateral Commission were also using Epsteins pimping services, and also getting photographed. Epstein was connected to politicians and intelligence agencies, and could have been a way to keep people in line, towing an NWO agenda and not speaking about it or going against it.


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It's been noted already that Epstein "belonged to Intelligence". And that Acosta was told to "go easy" on Epstein. Another person was told that Epstein was "above their pay grade".

It's been theorized that Epstein was or some Intelligence Agency recording the acts. And using the video to blackmail some very wealthy people. While helping to fund Epstein's lifestyle.

I am interested to see what comes to light from this but I also suspect that anything that incriminates the powerful people who were involved with him will be covered up. He is connected to at least two former presidents and I doubt that the Clinton/Trump gangbang tapes are ever going to be made known to the public if they exist.

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