Transferring Tokens From Metamask Wallet - IDEX To The Rescue

2년 전

Around 24th April when the market was charging upward and EOS was setting new all time highs I thought I would take a punt and sell a few tokens. My plan was to sell a block of EOS at the high and invest the resulting ETH in the EOS distribution round hoping to increase my holding. (Hindsight being marvellous I would have been better to sit on the ETH and jump back into to EOS now...)

Transferring tokens from your Metamask wallet?

Once I had hatched my plan I unlocked my Metamask wallet and found out that the UI does not allow you to transfer TOKENs to other wallets. Consulting the Google I found a plethora of results indicating that the key to doing this was MyEtherWallet which seemed straight forward enough.

Unbeknownst to me that very same day there was a DNS hack that allowed funds to be stolen from MyEtherWallet users. (details of the hack here) I became aware of this DNS hack AFTER I had headed to MyEtherWallet and started down the path of a token transfer attempt.

Fortunately I avoided the hack itself and any loss of funds as at this time MEW was having some serious problems with their UI, understandable now, so it was just not possible to execute a transfer.

So where to from here?

IDEX to the rescue. Simple token transfers with minimal fees!

Seeking an alternative I remembered how impressed I had been when I discovered the IDEX Exchange as it easily integrated with my Metamask wallet allowing easy trading of ERC20 tokens. Maybe they had a method to transfer.

I headed over to IDEX and was happy to find that the Full Balances page includes Deposit, Withdraw and Transfer functions. Via the Transfer option it is trivially easy to transfer your chosen token to an alternative wallet.

In my case I was able to transfer 100 EOS to my Binance wallet with the withdrawal fee of 0.0003ETH (~25c at the time).

Happy Days!

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