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The largo platform has been designed to ensure that every exchange is carried out with the most extreme care. This has been authenticated with the assignment of a validator to every escrow service registered on the platform. The validator has the responsibility of revising the terms of the contract to ensure that the two players have fulfilled their commitments as defined in the contract, before funds are released to the deserving party.


The largo platform stands apart as the most revered platform for the provision of escrow services to ensure that transactions are conducted safely and timely, protecting the interest of the two players and ensuring that the terms of the contract are adhered to. This would translate to greater fulfillment on the way of both the buyer and the seller. Irrespective of the value or volume involved in the exchange, the largo platform has an efficient system that guarantees that the exchange can be conducted seamlessly.


The two players involved in the transaction are expected to decide and set up an agreement before a greeting is made for the escrow provider.

The buyer pays for the escrow service alongside the initial cost for the exchange. This is to be transferred to the Largo Platform and the Escrow provider would inform the seller when the payment has been confirmed.

After the fund has been secured and the affirmation has been made by the Escrow provider, the seller is expected to satisfy their piece of the commitments as indicated by the registered agreement by sending goods or offering types of assistance to the buyer. The seller is regularly required to provide tracking information to the buyer to monitor the state of delivery or shipment of goods.

The buyer accepts the services or goods provided or sent by the seller, inspects, and verifies the nature of goods or services complies with the underlying agreement.

Once the buyer has accepted the goods or services the escrow provider further processes the payment exchange to the seller; in case the buyer refuses to accept the goods or services, the transaction is frozen in the escrow account and may be released once the buyer and seller settle their differences as per their underlying agreement.

Largo Coin wallet has its own dedicated wallet that is very easy to use .It is a suitable medium of exchange because of its high transaction speed , low exchange charges , less volatility and high liquidity cryptocurrency.Majority of the commercial exchange these days are done without intermediaries. Executing with LRG Coin will remove needs of third party an enable effective payment system .LRG network has a user friendly wallets where anyone can receive and send money to anyone irrespective of where there are located on the planet.


E-COMMERCE : LargoCoin network support E-commerce , businesses operating online can implements LargoCOin platform to direct their e-commerce activities. Security and efficiency is guaranteed by the platform.

BUSINESS INFRASTRUCTURE : LRG Coin can be used seamlessly in different commercial activities. It tends to be used in paying workers wages and salaries . It tends to be used for different commercial purpose since it has higher liquidity and security. The development of Largo coin too depends on the supply and demand of the coin , hence the coin appreciates based on the forces of demand and supply.

EFFECTIVE PAYMENT INSTRUMENTS : In terms of stability , LargoCoin have less volatility .LRG network is very efficient and higly scalable blockchain network . it implements Proof of Stake Consensus Mechanism and MasterNode hence preventing it from insecurity and requiring high registering capacities and energy unlike Ethereum and Bitcoin network .Transaction processing is instantaneous and the cost is very cheap . The network is built for business and global adoption



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