Jangan sia-siakan hidup

4년 전

Be happy and be grateful when we are still given the age to enjoy the beautiful day of Friday. Do you know how much goodness and blessing God has promised on Fridays? If you do not already know this, here are some of the many God-promised hardships. including:

Friday is the best day of the day, the day when the sun rises for the first time, the day that adam enters and leaves heaven, and the doomsday will not happen except on Fridays.

Friday is a time of great need to pray

alms on the day of his reward doubled

Friday is the day of the remission of sins for those who want to repent.

Well .. Tempted by all the virtues that can be obtained on Friday?
it would be nice if the people closest to give the spirit to compete in the good on Friday. Let's both move towards the paradise of God. Here are some examples of encouragement to achieve the blessing of Friday.....

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Bek gadoh peuturot dunia..hahaahhaha


Hai saudaraku yang seiman..
Jangan sia-siakan hari-hari mu
Isilah dengan segala kebaikan yang engkau bisa
Tanamkan ikhlas dan kau akan dapatkan janji-Nya kelak