Decrypting the 5 Pointed Star - Devilish or Divine? Berlin Germany

3년 전

I've been in Berlin for the week before SteemFest and have been looking deeper into the 5 pointed star in relation to sacred geometry and occultism. I am seeing SO MUCH symbolism here in Germany.

Here are some of my notes, showing how φPhi folds back into the apex of the sphere when expanding outward from an inner 5 sided pentagon.

This outward φPhi spiral will not rejoin with the perimeter when created from an inner 3 sided triangle or 4 sided square.

The 5 sided pentagon is the first shape that allows this 5x 72° angled star to find balance.

The pentagon's equilibrium allows for the φPhi system to unfold in both linear and circuitous phases. Each side of the pentagon = 1, and the remaining extensions to the apex of the circle are the next phase of φPhi, 1.618.

61.8% is a critical number in any conscious response of feedback looping. Ocean waves, #Bitcoin price action.. etc
5 pointed star.jpg

We see this pantheon triangle in so much statist architecture.




And on the flags we see this..

USA 5 pointed stars

China 5 pointed stars

China 5 pointed stars with inner pentagon

The numbers are very important. In the 5 pointed star of φPhi we have 5, 72° angles. 72 x 360 = 25,920 - The number of years in the Great Year.

Every 72 years, the Earth 'tilts' 1° - or the sky-rim tilts 1° - This depends on how the Earth and Universe appear to you, Flat or Sphere.. but nevertheless, the math adds up. This system is called the Precession of the Equinoxes.


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Nice read, 5 pointed star can be either bad or good. It really depends upon the user. One can invert it and allow access to only demons or one can use it and access only the divine.

Notice the Chinese flag with inner pentagon facing down. 5 senses of man.

Giving you a follow. Keep it up!


Agreed.. The understanding of what all this esoteric stuff leads to and its moral value is dependent entirely on the user. The mathematics is objective and the experience is subjective.


Nice association with the 5 senses!

Do you think the buildings have been build in relation to a specific symbolism? The trident is clearly visible on top of the temple/Reichstag. Is it related to positive and negative (demonic) intention, depending on where it is pointing? Or is there another meaning to it? In Numerology there are many different schools of interpretations for numbers which is important to keep in mind when trying to interpret them.


@flauwy Absolutely, there is genius in the architecture, the specific symbolism I do not know... I'm digging deeper.. I feel like the geometry of the star's inner triangle and pantheon triangle are slightly off. Could be the perspective of the image, but I'm happy to have found where the spiral plays its role in the pentagram.

I can't speak much for the intentions of the direction of the star. I feel the direction is irrelevant if you use the understanding to the benefit of humanity. I sense a strong connection to the natural patterns of the universe and creation.

Also, the system is imbalanced, which creates the spiral. So maybe there are two systems at play here. Once that can only be draw with curvature, the other with straight lines.

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