Cyber Bullying Essay: Why You Should Write It and What Benefits You Get

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pexels-photo-1375261.jpegEssay writing is an essential and universal tool used in schooling around the world. There are many reasons why teachers ask students to write an essay, and the topics on which these essays are written are only limited to one's imagination. From the student perspective, it is a task that is oftentimes daunting. However, from the teacher's perspective, it is a channel into the mind of the student. It is a way for teachers to extract and grasp the thoughts of the students on the assigned topic(s).

For example, cyber bullying essay becomes a popular students' task. Because it is a great problem with bullying online and we should talk about the problem to know how to solve it. An essay is a transferable medium of these thoughts for reference and can be created through processes that often aren't limited to the classroom constraints. Thoughts, overall, are the product of learned knowledge and how the human mind anticipates and acts on this knowledge. So, in this case, you can find decisions or know how to act in one or another situation.

Process of Essay Writing

Essays as we know them are a way of constructing thoughts into words in order to tell a story or make a statement. Using words, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure are surface-level constructs of essay writing and reinforce correctness to students no matter the language.
Its construction consists of the standard format of introduction, body, and conclusion. It seems simple enough, however, teachers ask for this format to help guide the student's thoughts and intelligently utilize their knowledge and resources to support that story or statement.

  • In the introduction, the main topic or theme is presented. This is to direct the thoughts of the student towards a focus and on a more linear path towards a point or objective.
  • The body includes the support of the introduction and implores the students to use their intellect to research and collect information.
  • The conclusion summarizes and drives home the objective of the essay, and is key to students learning how to confidently support their thoughts.
This all seems like basic common knowledge, yet it all holds a base layer at providing useful life skills for students and the way they think and express their thoughts.

Essay Writing as an Art

What is not so common is essay writing being used as an art form. For example, take an essay assignment on the student's home life. Each student has a unique home and a unique experience that can be portrayed in this essay. Maybe a student has a wealthy family; maybe a student lives with their grandparents; maybe a student lives on their own. It is a picture that can only be described by that student, only with essay writing this is done with words.
Sometimes these essay words are filled with intricate details that give us the full picture. Sometimes simple descriptions leave the reader's imagination to run wild. The art that goes into essay writing is often overlooked. Teachers are challenging the student's creative abilities when asking for these essays to really give depth to the student's thoughts and perspective.

Advantages You Get From Essay Creating

In giving dept to the student's thoughts and perspectives, essay writing also gives way to a release of emotions. It can form as an uplifting spiritual revelation or a blunt, aggression-laced tirade. Make no mistake, essay writing isn't just formal classroom grading material for just teachers to critique.
Today, it can come in the form of online blogging and posts through social media and other outlets. This is especially important to note for youth as growing up in the modern world provides these outlets but also welcomes harmful feedback from peers and strangers across cyberspace in the form of cyberbullying.
Cyberbullying is a real threat to youth and adults alike as it shortens the spaces of constant criticism and feedback that before was only seen in the classroom. Therefore, proper essay writing, formal or informal, by way of constructing thoughts as well as personalizing those thoughts as art is of the utmost importance. Teachers are preparing students to be able to mitigate cyberbullying and on the whole, be able to effectively communicate with their peers and others in the real world.

Summing Up

We do so much thinking throughout our day that we don't always properly process our thoughts in a way that others would understand if we had to explain them. Essay writing provides one of the most effective ways to display one's thoughts to another while combining proper grammar, knowledge, and presentation.
In the age of the internet and by way cyberbullying, teachers and educators know the importance of the essay writing process when asking students to write essays. It is more than just the topic, and oftentimes the topic itself is irrelevant. The structure, the art, the insights to the thought processes and the invaluable benefits of enhancing all of these in preparation for the world has in store. That is what's really being asked when teachers assign essays. How thoughtful of them.

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