Return to essence

2년 전

This is perhaps the essence of the work, to give a heartfelt. Now we are afraid that he will use a four-chambered, one-throw, two-organ organ, the easy infusion of brewing, filtering and mutual drinking. Without torture, without pain and care.


If we go back to the essence, whatever it is, it must live without suffering. At the end, it is a conversation that is the subject of every table in every condition and condition. Countries are saved, born, the world is destroyed and the solution of the son of his son is not the case of the situation. Maybe if this is solved everything will be solved, who knows.

If we don't live half-life, maybe if we're in a hurry, maybe we can. No, it's nothing else. A little empathy. A little art of understanding. So burnout, frustration and accumulation, so man is not a syndicate. The ability to put the other one in his place. That's the essence of my opinion.


Whatever goodness is goodness. We shouldn't give up. In particular, the relationship status to prevent anyone from not having this man's son and his daughter. I said that everyone is injured, everyone is fragile and a state of ignoring; whereas.

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