Let's Participate In The World Community Grid (WCG) Project And GET Free Gbyte and WCG

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Most of us are owners and users of active technologies such as computers, laptops, smartphones, whether it's using Windows, Linux, Android, iOS or Mac operating systems. That means that we (I and you all) with the device we have at the moment, you have the potential to be a volunteer on a great project developed by IBM. Let's join World Community Grid (WCG) right now!!!


Spread this information, and invite and ask your friends and family to join World Community Grid by using the link below:


What is World Community Grid (WCG)?

It's an effort to create the world's largest public computing grid to tackle scientific research projects that benefit humanity. This project has been launched since November 16, 2004, and coordinated by IBM with client software currently available for Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android operating systems.[Read More]



World Community Grid currently has hundreds of teams where you can contribute as part of a university, country, city, website community, or many, many other themes. Therefore, join and participate in this community as part of a larger group.

The World Community Grid research project has analyzed aspects of the human genome, HIV, dengue fever, muscular dystrophy, cancer, influenza, Ebola, virtual screening, rice yields, and clean energy using computer idle time spread throughout the world.

There have been many organizations, communities and companies that have become the WCG partners and according to information from the Wikipedia article in March 2018, there have been 449 companies and other organizations that have helped with the work of this project, and have more than 52,000 registered users active with total operating time combined more than 1.5 million years.

There have been many organizations, communities and companies that have become the WCG partners and according to information from the Wikipedia article in March 2018, the WCG has partnered with 449 companies and other organizations to work on and complete this project.

World Community Grid opens opportunities for everyone and it really allows anyone who has a computer, smart phone or tablet to contribute their computing power that is not used to advance cutting-edge scientific research on topics related to health, poverty and sustainability.

Currently, through the contribution of more than 650,000 individuals and 460 organizations, World Community Grid has supported 29 research projects, including the search for more effective treatments for cancer, HIV / AIDS and neglected tropical diseases. [Read More]

Well, how to join this great community

  1. Click here https://join.worldcommunitygrid.org?recruiterId=1073087
  2. Fill in the user name according to your byteball user (go to the byteball application, go to chat, select Word Community gird Linking bot, click check account (take and paste your bytebal account name in the WCG user name column)
  3. download the world community network software (choose the one that suits your device type).
  4. Set, and select the projects that are available and active and follow the team you want to contribute.


Points Generated Will be Credited To Your Byteball Account

The points you earn are only credited to the team if the points are earned when you become a member of that team. In addition, if you leave the team or join another team, the points you get for your previous team will remain with the team. You cannot transfer credit that you previously got to a new team.

World Community Grid in the past managed two types of age, namely United Devices (UD Windows) and BOINC agents (Windows / Linux / Mac). However, currently World Community Grid only runs BOINC agents. Points donated by both agents will be part of the total members on the website. Only points donated by BOINC agents will be displayed on BOINC agents. In addition, due to differences in the way agents calculate points, BOINC points are multiplied by 7 when imported to the website. So, if you get 5 BOINC points, you will see 35 website points. [Read More ]

Although the points credited are not many, but it is very meaningful and is a sign of honor for those of you who have contributed to the scientific research project.

Let's help and contribute to complete projects developed by BOINC agents, and generate valuable points such as Gbyte and WCG by donating your computing grid.

Be a World Community Grid volunteer, because with being a WCG volunteer, you ready help to solve humanity problems with your computer grid

Thanks For Your Time

The Best Regards, @ijoel

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