Don't want to work! I want to live a little for myself


Anna once again listened to the accusations against her, which followed immediately after the birthday greetings.

  • You never got a job! Lech poor, one family pulling.
    Aunt Julia sentenced.
    Anna again began to justify that no one would keep her with a sick child. Eight years ago, Anna gave birth to her second child, the daughter she wanted. But the baby was with a serious pathology - a wolf's mouth. Anna learned about the pathology only at the 4th month of pregnancy and categorically refused the offer of doctors to terminate the pregnancy.

After the birth of my daughter began ordeal in hospitals, numerous operations, rehabilitation, classes with a psychologist and speech therapist.

Now the girl is growing cheerful and sociable, studying in the second grade. But she still needs a couple of times a year to lie in the rehabilitation center, and she constantly goes to the orthodontist - he gradually increases the plate that replaces her sky. And classes at the speech therapist has not been canceled. Ahead of the girl waiting for new operations.

And his son began the awkward age of 14 years, with learning problems and behavior. Anna is concentrating children, monitors the school and leads in different circles. Knocks in the center of the family all possible tickets: zoo, theater, horseback riding.

Not so long ago, my daughter refused to extend the disability, and the family lost a substantial payment from the state...

When most of the relatives had left, Anna started to cry.

  • Well, who will deal with children if I go to work? Yes, it's hard, but I save, we do not sit hungry, we do not go in rags. And because you need to cook and clean.
    No I don't do it, Alex do in this regard has never helped and never will. Now at least the children began to help a little. Relatives reproach me, and I, by the way, since 16 years worked together with mother, traded in the market, then in shop. And a pregnant, that the first, that the second, worked until the last.

When I gave birth to a son, I left him with my mother-in-law, then my aunt sat with him, and I worked. And now if I go out, nobody will deal with my daughter. Mother-in-law and the mother is gone, and the aunt aged, barely creaks joints, she will not wander.

I just want to live a little for myself and enjoy motherhood.
No one in the family remembers how much I helped them. When my aunt's dog was sick, and she was in the hospital, and I ran to her, food carried, and then home to her-with the dog to walk, feed her. Hardly any funeral or birthdays, name's Anna – "Anna, cook" (she really is a very good cook).

I don't like to meddle in other people's families, and I can't blame her. I myself can not sit idle and without money and even in the decree managed to find a part-time job. But, still, the option when a man provides a family, and his wife sits at home with children, too, I think is not bad.

Although this usually happens when the husband's earnings are really quite enough, and not in their case, when a family of 4 people is 22 thousand after paying utility costs...

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