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eSteem always provides and organizes great and very rewarding projects. I'm awesome the founder, @good-karma. Good luck always

That's a great initiative.Hope to participate in esteem university.This kinds of initiative will enrich this dying place.Great job @good-karma.

This is awesome.
I really commend the brains behind this. Esteem is really going places and bringing education and knowledge to people in this community while creating avenue to explore talents.
Kudos to you.

Friend i approve you vote for witness.

@mukhtarilyas. Menyambut baik esteem university @good-karma. mudah-mudahan dapat berbagi informasi lebih baik dan berkembang. Sukses esteem-university.

Very good suggestion for the community in their own environment in Indonesia because let me be managed by myself. thank you @good-karma have shared very important and useful information to improve the success of the community.

I strongly agree view of the program esteem University. Each other taught how menggunakam steemit, support each other, vote. I am very very happy to hear this. Thank you @good-karma @esteemap @esteem

All the best for you trip!

Semoga mendapatkan yang terbaik selama perjalanan Anda!

Dan semoga eSteem University maju dan berkembang 👍👍

This is indeed a great initiative, it is sure to help everyone grow individually as well as collectively as part of the esteem community.

Very good news. and I am very happy to hear it. I hope eSteem always be the best, whatever theme will be followed this course for the progress of esteem. Continue to move forward esteem. we love esteem

It seems good project as I see it has a lot of potential. Educators can come up with new ideas and skills as well. A great initiative. I wish it becomes successful like esteem surfer and esteem projects.

Gron @good-karma, klheuh lon resteem beh 😂

whether the language of Aceh is the official language of esteem

Postingan yang sangat mengispirasi dan begitu bagus wahai sang kurator dunia.

Tolong bantu majukan akun saya wahai kurator hebat.

This is a great one boss @good-karma, I'll love to participate...

This is a really beautiful initiative especially for someone like me who's a complete novice to block chain technology.

Hai @good-karma. Saya baru bergabung disini. Dan telah menggunakan eSteem dalam konten saya. Semoga anda mendukung saya. Terimakasih.

Good initiative :D 🔥🔥🔥

I never knew that was what eSteem was all about it sounds very interesting i started to learn how to code in C++ and Java maybe i can find some assistance on eSteem...

Go go eSteem University Indonesia..!

a very good organization,hopefully with any of these lessons at the university what we dedicate to be useful and the best thank @good-karma

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eSteem always provides and organizes great and very rewarding projects. I'm awesome the founder, @good-karma. Good luck always I like it's good jop


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I have loved the proposal of the eSteem University, I from Venezuela can support and begin to make publications on this proposal. I can also make the publications in Spanish. Receive my affections @ good-karma

How to do learn properly by this university ?


Join our discord to learn more about different classes...

This is such a great project and I am always ready to mentor any one who needs my help!

Philippines is the next one, hopefully soonest!

this is a very interesting program. Thank you @good-karma

I will follow and participate in eSteem University

Looking forward for Philippines!

Good job buddy

This is a great initiative. I'm on board with this for sure.
Quick question: has Nigeria ben separated from the rest of Africa because of the large population of users? i.e., Nigeria and (The rest of) Africa?



Of course not, it simply means Nigeria already has a sub esteem community...hopefully that will be established for all other African countries in no distant future.


We are considering Nigerian university branch as well with right people stepping up ;)

Very good information - thanks !!!

Good post buddy

I like this posting

Hopefully Philippines soon! 😀

Hello @Good-karma, I would like to create esteem-university for myanmar(burma). As you know a lots of myanmar steemians are using esteem app. If you established for other country, we all want to establish for us.

Hi @good-karma

I can not wait to study at # eSteem-University

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