Here are 7 Types of Grass For Your Home Garden

3년 전


Different from the previous two elephant grasses, this mini varigata elephant grass looks unique. In terms of appearance, characteristic and texture, the elephant grass mini varigata is similar to the characteristics of the mini elephant grass. It's just different in color. Mini elephant grasses have only one color: green. While varigata elephant grass has a mixture of white color on each leaf blade. So it looks good to park at home. But the price of mini elephant grass varigata more expensive than the mini elephant grass.

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The golf grass is the most difficult grass in care. This grass requires full 100% solar irradiance. Cutting grass was at least two weeks. If you want to grow grass golf in our home garden, should consult in advance with landscape experts around where we live. Because golf grass can not grow anywhere.


The leaves of Japanese grass lean and grow tight. Every month should be trimmed so that the sun can penetrate the bottom, so the bottom is not yellowish. Compared to the mini elephant grass, Japanese grass needs more urea fertilizer. It usually takes twice as much fertilizer in a month. The usual Japanese grass ..

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