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"iqro bismirobbikalladzi holaq"

That is the first sentence in the end-time miracle.

Previously, the miracle was prostrated piece of stick that split the vast sea. Or an ability to revive the dead.

How could it be? sentence sequences capable of exceeding the awesomeness of sea division?

Yes, every true miracle is a conquest of his own time.

In an age in which magic became the pinnacle of human civilization, a stick that could be a snake and capable of splitting oceans, was a conquest over the top of the magical civilization itself.

At a time when recurring skills became the pinnacle of human civilization, reviving the dead was the conquest of the healing civilization.

At a time when the peak of human civilization is oral literature, then beyond oral literature is the conquest of its time.

And now, in this end-time era, we are entering the pinnacle of a literate civilization.

There can be no bachelor, magistra, and doctoral degrees, without reading and producing thesis, thesis or dissertation.

It will not be considered Plato's thought without Republican literacy.

Will not be a discourse of Karl Marx's thoughts without Das Capital literacy.

Not to be worshiped by Baudrillard without Hyperrealita literacy.

Here, the end-time miracle extends beyond all the peaks of science and literacy.

A book of legal codes, as well as epistemological concepts, as well as the history of the previous prophet, as well as great literature, as well as the news about the phenomenon of the universe, comes in a measured composition of letters, a remarkable composition.

If the miracle of reviving the corpse only saved four people,

If the miracle of splitting the sea only saves one people,

Then the miracle of the Qur'an saves all human beings and the universe.

Rescuing humans from the life of the Quraysh and modern jahiliyah into a life of mercy for the whole of nature.

Of course all that is achieved only when the Quran is applied fully by an institution of the legacy of the Prophet; Khilafah Rashidah, ala minhajin nubuwah.

Jogja 1618
Source @ doniriw

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