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Barokallahu fiek Ustadz @zulkiflima

Jabariyyah's Masa period occurs when the Muslims have no leadership center. Muslims in the confusion are easily drifted and have no power, very similar to froth, always following the current and fragile. The condition of the Muslims is very concerned, they are divided into many groups (countries) and each of them do not care about the affairs of the ummah. Though this phase the number of Muslims is very much, but unfortunately its existence is only seen from the quantity without meaningful quality.

The Messenger of Allah describes the condition of the Islamic Ummah in the time as mentioned in the following hadith "You Muslims will be contested by other people like those who fight over food (dish) that is in front of him." We (the Companions) asked, the number of us at that moment, O Messenger of God? The Prophet replied: "No, not even your number. But you are like a foam in the flood, God will indeed take away the fear of the hearts of your enemies, and truly God will inflict the disease of Wahn in your heart. We asked, "What is Wahn's illness, O Messenger of Allah? He replied, "Love the world and fear death." (Narrated by Ahmad and Abu Daud)


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