Guidelines for Tayammum Procedure: Purify Emergency

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Reading basmalah followed by placing a hand on the dust and continuing by reading lafaz intent:

"I intend to bertayammum to be able to do fardhu prayer for Allah."

  1. Wiping the face with dust after dust is diluted while closing the eyes with the intention followed in the heart, "I intend to bertayammum to be able to do fardhu prayer for Allah."

  2. Put both palms on the dust again and dilute it.

  1. Wipe both hands up to the elbow by putting the right hand then the left hand. Followed by reading the prayer.


How to Use Tayammum
Some scholars say once tayammum may be used for some obligatory prayers because tayammum replaces ablution. However, others argue that once bertayammum can only be used for one fardhu prayer only, although not yet canceled. Adapaun to wear sunat prayer several times enough with one tayammum.

For a person whose one wudhunya member is bandaged, then simply dressing it with a dust, then doing the prayer.


There are five conditions for us may bertayammum, which is as follows:

There was no water and tried to find it, but did not find it.
Blocked using water. For example because of illness that when using water will relapse sick.
Have entered prayer time.
On the way and difficult to get water.
With holy dust.
Fardhu Tayammum
Fardhu tayammum there are four, namely:

Intention (to be allowed to pray).
Wiping the face with soil twice as much.
Wiping two hands up to the right elbow.
Orderly (consecutively between each other).
Description: What is meant by rubbing instead of using water in wudoo, but just sweeping it instead of rubbing it flat like it uses water.

Circumcision Tayammum
Some circumcision in tayammum is as follows:

Read Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.
Thin dust.
Wipe the right hand then the left hand.
Sweeping the limbs is carried out continuously without any other activity that spans it.
Pray as after performing ablution.
Things That Cancel Tayammum
Like ablution, tayamum can be canceled by:

Anything that aborts ablution.
There is water before praying, except for sickness.
Apostates, out of Islam.


If there is water after bertayammum but the prayer has not been done, then he is obliged to perform ablution.
At the time of praying and then there is water, the prayer should be continued if tayammumnya the traveler and his prayer does not cancel. But if tayamumnya people who mukim, prayers do not need to continue before ablution because tayammum and prayer is canceled.
If you have finished praying a new water while praying time is still there, then may repeat the prayer by performing ablution, and may also not repeat it as happened at the time of the Prophet.
If water exists after the prayer is done and the time of prayer has run out, then the prayer does not need to be repeated, because the prayer is valid.

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