New Charm of Baiturrahman Mosque

3년 전

Assalamualaikum best friend Steemians ...
How are you guys ? Certainly good news ...
May Allah always protect us from everything we do not want.

In this post I will tell a little about "The Charm of Baiturrahman Great Mosque".


If we visit Banda Aceh, it does not seem to have stopped by for prayers at Baiturrahman Great Mosque.


Many people around or outside tourists who visit especially to worship in a mosque full of historical value.


Especially after the renovation a few months ago, Baiturrahman Great Mosque became more beautiful. There are 12 units of large electric umbrellas, and amid the courtyard of the Mosque there is a large pool decorated by a shower of water from a very beautiful pool. This is the main attraction for tourists to visit. Every day the mosque's yard is full of people and tourists who sit back while enjoying the beauty of the Great Mosque of Baiturrahman.


That's it my story on this post, thank you for visiting this simple blog. We apologize if there are still many shortcomings, either in the way of writing or the style of language.


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