The history of the decline of food in the time of the prophet Moses

4년 전

And We shelter you with the clouds, and We send down to you "manna" and "salwa". Eat from the good food that We have given you; nor did they persecute us; but they are the ones who persecute themselves.


And when We said: "Enter ye into the land (Bait al-Maqdis), and eat of the produce of the earth, which is much better where ye like, and enter the gate while prostrating, and say:" Deliver us from sin "We will forgive your faults, and We will add (Our gift) to those who do good."


And (remember) when Moses begged water for his people, then We said: "Hit the rock with your staff". And there came out twelve springs of water. Indeed, each tribe has known the drinking place (respectively). Eat and drink God's provision, and do not roam the earth in corruption.

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