The seven most intelligent animals

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1 - chimpanzees

Chimpanzees topped the list of the most intelligent animals in the world.

This animal has a way of communicating and problem-solving skills are good.

Sign language used by chimps can be applied to communicate efficiently.

This type of primate can combine different symbols and create a language to communicate with each other.

Chimps are quite organized in the various activities they do. They are capable of preparing the tools while using them for hunting.

Qualities such as self-awareness and empathy appear in chimpanzees.

Being territorial in nature, chimpanzees exhibit characteristics of ownership, invasion, etc.

Social hierarchy is important for chimpanzees. The urge to move to the upper social hierarchy is also found in these animals.

2 - Dolphins

Dolphins are water mammals that are included in the list of intelligent animals.

Advanced communication techniques are used by dolphins. Dolphins communicate their 'thoughts' through sounds like clicks, whistles, or make sounds like 'eee'.

In addition to communicating efficiently, the dolphin is also an efficient hunter because it is able to organize groups for trap makers for prey.

Dolphins can follow the instructions given by humans. They are also able to solve puzzles and work in teams with other dolphins.

3 - Elephant

Elephants are one of the cleverest animals and have a very developed brain.

Elephants have sharp memory which among others is used to remember their migration path.

If a person injures an elephant in the past, it will almost never be forgotten by an elephant and remains inherent in their memory.

Likewise, elephants will also always remember fellow elephants or people who have been fine.

Emotions developed and depth of understanding are also features of elephant behavior.

The elephant also mourned if any of their friends died, even considering the location of his death.

4 - Rhesus Monkey

The rhesus monkey is one of the most intelligent animals in the world.

This monkey is able to make decisions, have good memories, and learn new things.

The face of rhesus monkeys is very expressive. They are also social animals that can plan action together

5 - Mouse

Rats are creatures that show a high level of intelligence. The hearing and olfactory sense of rats is greatly developed.

Emotions such as joy, regret, stress, loss, etc. are capable of being displayed by these animals.

Mice are used in testing and research beyond other animals.

Mice have a mental ability called metacognition that was previously only known to be found in humans and some primates.

6 - Crow

Crows are considered the most intelligent of all birds.

Raven intelligence is especially evident in the activity of finding food and avoiding predators.

These creatures are also able to calculate, differentiate forms, and use various tools.

7 - Ant

Ants are known for their social behavior and neatness. This insect intelligence is best described as strategic and methodical.

Ants are known to have territorial properties. Ants will not tolerate intruders entering their territory.

In the process of protecting the territory or while hunting, ants are known to share responsibilities and delegate work.

Besides being smart and organized, ants are also strong physically. They are able to carry 20 times their weight.

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