This type can be said is the rarest variant.

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If in general lovebird has a striking color in different parts of the body, then this lovebird mauve become a type that is quite unique because the color combination.Bukannya color divide on the head, chest and neck, lovebird mauve has a mixture of colors that apply in all parts of the body. Because the number of tillers are still quite limited, the price per tail on the market can reach 1,000,000.


As the name implies, the owner will find a blend of soft brown and white. Many say that mocca mauve have in common with lovebird batman. Just look at the color gradation that appears; light brown head, whitish brown neck, and soft brown wings. The part of the beak is light orange or dark orange.


This type can be said is the rarest variant. The combination of color can not be equated with lovebird in general. Half the body of this bird is white, while the other side is yellow. When considered from the side of a different cage, as if there were two birds in it. Uniquely, the separation of these two colors starts in the middle of the body lovebird halfsider.

The color of his head was practically exotic: a grayish orange or a combination of fur colors on his body. No one knows the exact breeders that can produce this kind of puppies. No wonder, the price is much compared with the most expensive lovebird price though. Approximately, the price can reach 20 times the price of ordinary lovebird.

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