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Own business to raise cash flow load factor 3

To a list of traffic control is hard for the owners, but also the need to make a really big job feel (how much revenue received return concerns, few know exactly what the stones do not even sleep at night, this book) Started by Young currently running more than now for entrepreneurs to do business, including how to make it work to bring relief to read in order to continue to handle the employee.
Note # Statistics
First, just how much money a month feathers need to know exactly how much of what you have. Even if you go, if your business is now profitable for another two months since base right? I feel if you know the right time to learn since the gain is important, so I started out the first month, not source said, since you are never earn money list and i gotta be decided next route.

See who regularly payment incentives

Payment orders faster and faster next day 100 50 discounted offers such as 5 lakh worth taking credit for immediate repayment if the next 500, such as reduced incentives. Or credit, such as regular from asking any gifts. Similarly regularly above 10 lakh credit positive.


Just sell a lot of ways that would make good. Since the end of your time in less then a certain way ■ City March 1 lakh worth at one time, such as such as a gift card, or ■ are doing it from the Facebook online store online stores have Facebook's new customers in Yangon Promotional offers Grinds food has wandered Security products on the Rangoon In addition, Facebook is a marketing tool on any added using Facebook just announced any sales promoter.

■ Me above all factors, workshops, and your cash flow to encourage the promoter. Naturally, each business is different, or perhaps to do some work to other applications, it may yet impossible to cope with additional articles E- brochure anger fail to monitor LIKE ...
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