The Nafakhum-waterfall

3년 전

The sun-shadow hiding in the open sky above the head and the loud noise coming down the river. You can think of mountains and mountains, rivers and rocky canals all around, in front of the eyes, in front of the eyes of the artist.

The road is very beautiful, but the beautiful Naphakum waterfall. The path of the path is a bit difficult but more beautiful than the thought

Form her The beauty of this fountain and the mountainous trail, which attracts anyone. The mind will stick to the eyes of the six eyes of the whole life. Thanchi can be reached in the 1st. To spend the night in the morning to go for the Nafakhum. To reach Naphakhum from Thanchi Bazar, there will be a three-point market by boat and then reach the remakri market. Boat can be rented, but if you travel locally, the rent will be very low. It will take 4 to 5 hours. Walking distance from Remakri to Nafkhum Fountain, there are more than two hours' walk on the inside. If luck is good, you can also get the opportunity to take bath in the natural bath. In that case, the amount of water in the fountain should be low, the green hills of the two forests and the rocky land gave the Nafakhum waterfall a different dimension, the more interesting it has been.

Due to the sculpture of stones, green grass has increased the beauty of a few hundred times. Some mountains of Nafakhum are very high. It looks like those mountains are covered with a cloud cover. Tin houses are located in the mountain slope. The depth of the rivers is very low. At some places the soil below the water can be seen. But the rivers always have strong currents. Therefore, there is a need to take extra precautions to walk the way. On the way from Bandarban to Nafakhum, there are two places of tourist and three major stones. There is a beautiful BGB camp in this beautiful three-dimensional camp. There are also three night stay arrangements for tourists.

A few steps from the three-dimensional side of the pole Locals believe that this stone should be respected on the way to the present, or any kind of accidents can happen. Local people call this stone as the stone stone. From the beginning to the last moment, shine the beauty of your eyes and take it home and take it in your mind.

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