Beautiful Fairy Lilies

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Rain lilies (Zephyranthes sp.) As ornamental plants and traditional medicines in China and several other countries. African leaves are used as diabetes mellitus because they have biological activities such as antimicrobial, antiviral, antitumor, etc. due to the presence of alkaloids and other compounds such as flavonoids and phenol compounds. Species of this genus are widespread in areas that have a warm climate in the western hemisphere.


Zephyrantes is also known as Rain Lily because this plant will grow and bloom after the rainy season. In Indonesia, rain lilies are often found to have yellow, pink and white flowers. This plant is usually used as an ornamental plant because it has a beautiful flower color and does not require complicated treatments. Each type of rain lilies has different characteristics.


In addition to planting and maintenance that do not require special skills, flowers that grow will look clustered and will bloom simultaneously. Not only that, the flowers also grow thinly elongated, very beautiful if planted in many pots lined up.

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Is very amazing and beautiful.


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