beautiful purple wildflowers

3년 전

Good night, friend steemit wherever you are, on this occasion I will post about the flowers of wild plants that live in rural areas. We who live in the countryside must be familiar with these flowers. Although it comes from wild plants, it turns out that these flowers have beautiful colors with various shapes. This plant thrives in the village because of the good soil. No need to bother to plant especially watering routine. Rainwater is a natural watering plant so it thrives.


This bluish purple flower is often called Rumpai flower. Its existence is often underestimated even though it is actually not bad, even in my opinion it is beautiful wildflowers that I have seen. This flower with a stem height of not more than 30 cm, I often find it on the side of the road and on the rice fields. In some roadside segments in the Klaten area this flower thrives in neat rows even though it is not treated. This flower produces pod seeds like green beans but is smaller and when it is dry it is brownish black.


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