Benefits of yellow lantana flowers

3년 전

Hello, steemit friend wherever you are, I haven't posted here for a long time. on this occasion I will post about the beauty of the flowers that we often encounter at home.


Lantana camara flower or often called chicken dung flower is a plant whose life cycle is polycarpa which is flowering and fruiting several times during its life. In addition, it is a perennial plant which is a plant that can reach more than two years of age.


The benefits of this plant can treat whooping cough (pertussis) Boil the dried leaves of chicken dung (15 g) and sugar palm (to taste) with two glasses of water until the water remains one glass. After cold, strain and drink the water twice a day, each half a glass. For
Tooth ache Boil the leaves of dried chicken dung (15 g) with two cups of water until the remaining one glass. After cold, strain and drink the water twice a day. Each half glass and eye pain by washing the fresh leaves of chicken dung, then boiling. After cold, strain and use to wash the sore eyes with eye glasses.


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