Candy Pink Rose Flower

3년 전

Candy Pink Rose Flower (Rosa SP) is a rose plant commonly known as batik roses because it has a unique pattern on its flower petals. This type of rose belongs to the category of candy roses, namely roses that can change color. In addition, this type of rose also has no thorns.


In this world, there are more than 100 species of rose plants. If all this time, people only know roses red, white, yellow, and pink, then in the early 2000, in Indonesia rose roses with new patterns resembling batik. People immediately called it a batik rose. Unfortunately, it has not been so easy to find this type of rose that supposedly originated from the Netherlands.


Rose flowers that bloom can last up to three weeks. When the rose is almost dry and fall out, immediately cut the stem. Before long, usually a new branch will appear and the new branch will appear again and so on. '' When the stem is often cut, the older the plant, the more branches there are. Plant height can reach one meter, lush and many flowers,

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