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Geckos are vertebrate animals that are included in reptiles, this gecko is still a family with lizards and is also called a large lizard. Morphologically, the gecko has a variety of skin colors, from bluish to brownish brown, which is decorated with red to orange spots. Geckos are carnivorous animals (meat eaters). Most of them eat insects (such as crickets, springtails, and cockroaches) and mealworms, but they also eat birds, eggs and small mammals, hunting their prey at night.


Animals that belong to the reptile with the scientific name Gekko, are believed to have extraordinary properties that affect their unreasonable selling prices. The price of geckos varies according to size, ranging from hundreds of thousands, millions, to billions. Apparently, the main reason that makes the price of geckos soar is because of the belief that geckos can become a cure for cancer and HIV / AIDS.

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