Promote steemit to friends at coffee shops

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good night steemit friend on this occasion I will post about our activities in order to steemit promo on some of my friends at one of the coffee shops in blangblahdeh. Previously let me wish you a happy feast of Eid al-Adha for my Islamic friends. How many of your sacrifices have never been calculated
even though it feels beautiful. Let us not boast. Because qurban is worship. Happy Eid Al-Adha.



Tonight I explained what I knew about Steemit, I explained that Steemit was including social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. But in steemit every post that we post will get a reward or we can make money from bersteemit, provided that our post is good, good and fun for many people. Every good and useful posting will be reviewed by other steemians, if indeed the posts are useful and interesting according to them. Nearly an hour, I showed the steemit ceiling to my friend and finally wanted to register with the @muslim, @wahyudi and @rahmat accounts. Hopefully quickly aprove by the Steemit crew. So, my story may be useful. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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